Never Let It Rest:

Sojourns In the Shadow Lands

Jacobs Ladder

January 11, 2015 - May 4, 2015

Never Let It Rest: Sojourns In the Shadow Lands is a two person exhibition of paintings and works on paper by Michael Roque Collins and sculptures and installations by Hans Molzberger.

The exhibition, based upon the Holocaust, is a continuation of a subject that has profoundly influenced the work of these two Houston-based artists. Molzberger is a German artist who spends part of each year teaching at Houston Baptist University with his colleague Michael Roque Collins. They both have independently and collaboratively created art concerned with the Holocaust in Germany and Poland. The two friends visited concentration camps at Hamburg – Neuengamme and Auschwitz, prior to their collaboration as part of Collins’ exhibition Sojourn in the Shadow Lands which was held at the Monchskirche Salzwedel in Salzwedel, Germany in the summer of 2008. Collins included the Sojourn Series paintings in 2009 with two of their collaborative installations for the first time in the United States at LewAllen Galleries, Santa Fe, New Mexico that received a national review in ArtNews Magazine. Molzberger has conducted extensive research on the fate of Jewish citizens during the Nazi reign, especially on the families who lived in Salzwedel and which played a key role in his 2010 exhibition, Never Let It Rest. This exhibit was featured at the Holocaust Museum of Houston in 2010, a multimedia installation which included sculpture, ceramics, photography, video and found objects.

The proposed combinations of Collins’s oil paintings and paintings on photographs and Molzberger’s mixed media installation, plus the glasswork of Holocaust survivor Rubin Samelson, combine in the creation of a very powerful exhibition. The dark period of genocide that occurred in Europe during the Second World War is something that should never be forgotten. These 21st Century artists have offered a powerful message through their art that is an historical reminder of man’s inhumanity.