Light is My Voice:

Images, Legends, and Abstractions

September 21, 2014 - December 22, 2014

Todd Weinstein’s moving photography explores themes including the reemergence of Jewish life in modern day Germany, the prophets of the Bible, and the legend of the 36 Righteous Ones whose merit keeps the world from destruction in times of peril.

Major support has been provided by Kay Yoffee and Denny Brown, Nancy and Anthony Morris and by Marika Partridge and Larry Ravitz, with additional generous support provided by Pamela and Kenneth Bloom, Rozanne and Bernard Friedman, Dorothy and Hershel Sandberg, and Susan Malinowski and Gary Shapiro. Generous in-kind support has been provided by Talia Bloch, Visible Works Design, and Walter P. Sauer, LLC.