Categories of Interviewees

Emigre - A person who left Germany or German occupied countries legally (with passport, visa, etc.).

Emigre/Kindertransport - A person under age 18 who left Germany or German occupied countries through the organized "Kindertransport" (transport of children) either with or without visas or passports.

Escapee - A person who was forced to leave Germany or German occupied territory because of the antisemitic development

Eye-Witness - A non-Jewish observer of Nazi activities and atrocities.

Jewish-American Prisoner of War - A Jewish-American soldier taken prisoner during WWII.

Liberator - A person involved in the liberation of concentration, labor, extermination or detention camps.

Member of the Underground - A person who was a part of the underground movement during WWII.

OSS Agent - A person who was an agent for the U.S. Office of Special Services (the predecessor to the CIA) during WWII.

Partisan - A person who contributed to the partisan effort during WWII.

Righteous Gentile - A non-Jew who aided Jews during the Holocaust.

Survivor/Camps - A person who was confined in a ghetto or a concentration, labor, extermination or detention camp and survived.

Survivor/Escapee - A person who escaped from a concentration, labor, extermination, or detention camp, or from a ghetto, or who fled from the advancing German army, or left Germany or German occupied countries illegally.

Survivor/False Papers - A person who used false identification papers as a means for survival.

Survivor/Hidden - A person who was in hiding for a period of time during WWII.

Survivor - A person who survived the Holocaust, whose experience does not fit an above category.

U.S. Service Person - A member of the US Armed Forces during WWII who witnessed Nazi activities and atrocities.

U.S. Army Intelligence Operative (Ritchie Boys)