As we all adjust to this new normal, we want to ensure that Michigan’s students still have an opportunity to enter our Art & Writing Competition. As a result, we have decided to extend the entry deadline to June 4. We hope to celebrate with this year’s winners over the summer when it is safe for us to gather together. As soon as we know more details, we will make them available.

We hope this project will be an enriching experience and will be a meaningful way for students to learn from home. Please reach out with any questions or if you need any additional ideas and support with incorporating the competition into home-school instruction. 

The Kappy Family Anne Frank and Elie Wiesel Night Art & Writing Competitions seek to educate students about the Holocaust, engage them through Anne Frank and Elie Wiesel’s profound stories, and empower them to move from thought to action using creative expression.

NEW Entry Deadline: June 4, 2020  |  Celebration and Gallery Opening: TBD

2020 Theme: The Power of Choice

Inspiration: The Holocaust did not have to happen; it was the result of choices made by ordinary people. Most made choices to perpetrate, collaborate, and/or be complicit. Some made choices to help, rescue, and resist. Why were so many people indifferent? Why did some choose to help? What was the impact of their choices?

Each victim was also an ordinary person with a name, a family, a home, a job, friends, hopes, and dreams. What choices were available to them? How did they fight back and maintain their humanity in the face of dehumanization and murder?

75 years have passed since the Holocaust ended, yet there are still instances of suffering, oppression, injustice, and genocide taking place.

2020 Prompt: What does a better world look like to you? What choices can you make to make our world a better place?

The Kappy Family Anne Frank Art & Writing Competition is open to 7th at 8th grade students in Michigan.

Categories: Poetry | Prose | 2D Art | 3D Art

The Elie Wiesel Night Art & Writing Competition is open to 9-12th grade students in Michigan.

Categories: Poetry | Prose | Drawing | Painting | Photography | 3D Art

For more information, please contact:
at or 248.536.9617