Our Corporate Education programs will teach your team members to apply the lessons of the Holocaust to increase diversity in your workplace. Experts will present customized content for an interactive and unique experience. Our offerings include a Museum Tour; Cultural Diversity Programs; and Virtual Museum Experiences.


Through our programs, professionals will:

  • Learn the dangers of prejudice and hate by exploring the lessons of the Holocaust;
  • Engage in interactive discussions about how to address cultural diversity within your place of business;
  • Create new ways of thinking about inter-office relationships and team building and engagement;
  • Gain new perspectives on Jewish culture and identity; and
  • Reflect on personal identities and how this impacts actions and decision making in the workplace.


Museum Tour and Program

When you visit The HC, you will have a guided tour through our main exhibits led by an experienced docent. After booking your tour, we will contact you to work together to customize the tour content to your specific industry or interests and objectives.

Our Corporate Education tours are 90 minutes long with the option of an additional 30 minute cultural diversity education program for reflection and wrap-up.

In addition to a tour, you can elect for your group to listen to a 30 minute Next Generation Speaker presentation. Next Generation Speakers are children of Holocaust survivors who share their parents’ stories. Next Generation Speaker presentations are based on the availability of our Speakers, and therefore cannot be guaranteed.


Cultural Diversity Education Programs

Program Options:

Action Planning to Combat Bias:

Applying Lessons Learned from the Holocaust to Create Solutions for the Workplace

In this workshop session, participants will consider questions to help them process the information they have learned at The HC and apply this knowledge within the context of their own work environment. Participants will address their personal biases and work to outline and effectively address these problems in their workplace. Identifying individuals and main influencers needed for change will help participants to take these concrete behaviors into their places of business. This session will involve interactive discussions and team building activities.

Deconstructing Hate and Building Inclusion:

Understanding Group Dynamics with Examples from the Holocaust

Participants in this session will address the escalation of hate during the Holocaust from the perspective of both individual and collective responsibility. Specifically, the role of business leaders and corporations during the Holocaust will be explored. After discussing how biased attitudes and hatred can escalate, participants will work together to learn how to prevent discrimination by building tolerance and inclusion in the workplace.

Focusing on the Human Experience:

Exploring Internal Diversity through Holocaust Survivor Testimony

This session focuses on the different types of diversity, both internal and external, that people experienced during the Holocaust. Specifically, we will be examining Survivor testimony that highlights those that were targeted in their places of business, and discuss what factors contributed to hate and biased attitudes spreading in their specific industries and throughout society. Participants will work together to better understand how these stories are still relevant today.

Leadership Retreat (half- or full-day) available upon request.


Virtual Museum Experiences

Unable to physically come to the museum? We offer virtual learning about the Holocaust through theme-based presentations led by our expert docents. Rather than a survey of Holocaust history, our VMEs are designed to explore a particular question, theme, or event in-depth. Sessions last 45 minutes to an hour, and we can accommodate groups of all sizes.


Below are the thematic options for VMEs:

  • How could this happen?: The escalation of hate during the Holocaust
  • Resistance during the Holocaust
  • Returning to Life After the Holocaust
  • The Holocaust and the Final Solution
  • Propaganda and the Holocaust
  • The Holocaust in the Context of World War II
  • Women’s Experiences During the Holocaust
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For more information, please email adult.education@holocaustcenter.org or call (248) 553-2400.