Anne Frank Curriculum

Anne Frank Curriculum

In 2009, The Zekelman Holocaust Center was one of eleven sites to receive a sapling from the chestnut tree that so inspired Anne Frank. An exhibit and several programs were developed to complement and expand on the themes inspired by Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl.

The Viola and Garry Kappy Anne Frank Tree Exhibit and Garden

The Viola and Garry Kappy Anne Frank Tree Exhibit and Garden is a two-part permanent exhibit located in the Harry and Wanda Zekelman International Institute of the Righteous, where visitors can view a sapling from the chestnut tree that grew behind Anne Frank’s hiding place. This living exhibition highlights the extraordinary life of Anne Frank and celebrates her legacy of hope.

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The Anne Frank Curriculum

The use of personal materials, such as Anne Frank’s diary, has long been considered an appropriate and effective method for introducing and connecting students to the Holocaust.  Before such an understanding can be created, students must be provided an introduction to the Holocaust, how it came about, and the people who were involved.  The Anne Frank Curriculum was developed to guide educators through the teaching of The Definitive Edition of The Diary of Anne Frank, fitted properly within the context of the Holocaust.

The Anne Frank Curriculum is a four-part education tool, which includes the following materials:

  • Contents and Guidelines for Educators orient educators to the curriculum as well as provide suggested readings, curricula, and resources for before visiting the Holocaust Memorial Center. Download
  • Post-Visit Teacher’s Guide aids educators in placing The Diary of Anne Frank within the framework of the Holocaust and provides a guide to the student handouts and workbook. Download
  • Student Handouts include two classroom activities for students based on The Diary of Anne Frank. Download
  • Student Workbook is a key tool for students reflect upon The Diary of Anne Frank, learn about the occupants of the annex, the revisions to Anne Frank’s Diary.  It also includes questions which allow students to place the diary within the larger context of the Holocaust. Download

The Anne Frank Curriculum was introduced in 2013 and continues to impact the students in our community to this day.

The Anne Frank Curriculum was funded through a grant by the Jewish Women’s Foundation of Metropolitan Detroit.  Additional support was provided by the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit’s Alliance for Jewish Education.

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