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The Holocaust Memorial Center Zekelman Family Campus Teacher Advisory Group (TAG) is seeking lesson ideas from teachers on how students can contextualize Holocaust related primary sources to fully understand their meanings and significance. To submit an idea to the Holocaust Memorial Center TAG, please complete the blank Holocaust Education Companion Guide Proposal Form below.  TAG will review the proposal and will contact you. Approved proposals will be shared on the Learn portion of the Holocaust Memorial Center website for other teachers to draw inspiration and ideas from.  Please review the exemplar teacher companion guide proposals the Teacher Advisory Group created to assist you with developing your proposal for submission. We look forward to reviewing your ideas!

Please be aware that personal information entered into this proposal will not be shared and is for internal purposes only.  This information is collected so that the Holocaust Memorial Center and the Teacher Advisory Group may contact you with questions or comments.  


Holocaust Education Companion Guide Exemplars

The following Holocaust Education Companion Guides were created by members of the 2019-2020 Social Studies Teacher Advisory Group to assist students with contextualizing primary sources pertaining to the Holocaust. Sources range from poems and memoir excerpts to photographs and video testimonies. Each Holocaust Education Companion Guide includes contextual information about the author and the primary source, and additional recommended resources and lesson plan ideas.​​

Holocaust Education Companion Guide Exemplars