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What is Echoes & Reflections?

Echoes & Reflections, a partnership program of ADL, USC Shoah Foundation, and Yad Vashem, is the premier source for Holocaust education professional development and dynamic content that empowers teachers and students to question the past and impact the future. To support Michigan educators fulfill the recent Holocaust and genocide mandate, in 2018 the Museum began a partnership with Echoes & Reflections to deliver training programs across the state to amplify teachers’ skills and resources to teach about the Holocaust in a comprehensive and meaningful way. To date, this partnership has reached over 900 teachers from 417 schools and is on track to reach more than 1000 teachers in 3 years.

Why teach about the Holocaust?

The Holocaust is more than a historical event, it’s part of the larger human story. Echoes & Reflections engages students to reflect and think critically about how the Holocaust influences the social issues unfolding in the world today.

Through this program, educators will:

  • Explore a sound pedagogy for the planning and implementation of Holocaust education in the classroom to fulfill Michigan’s Holocaust and genocide education mandate;
  • Examine instructional enhancements to support student learning and understanding;
  • Discover and utilize classroom-ready digital assets including lesson plans, visual history testimonies, and additional primary source materials;
  • Enhance personal knowledge about the Holocaust, including the history of antisemitism, and
  • Build confidence and capacity to teach this complex subject.

“Teaching about the Holocaust is so important for our school. Echoes & Reflections provides the tools I need to help foster a sense of empathy with my students.”— Teacher from 2018 training in Bay City, Michigan

For More Information…

For more information or to schedule an Echoes & Reflections training, please contact Tim Constant, Manager of Education Outreach at 248.536.9611or timothy.constant@holocaustcenter.org.

Questions? Contact the Holocaust Memorial Center at 248.553.2400