HMC Core Exhibit Walk-through

Welcome to the landing page for the HMC Core Exhibit Walk-through. The purpose of this walk-through is to give you an idea of what content is included in our core exhibit, and how much space is dedicated to those subject areas.

Before we have our first scholars’ meeting (via Zoom–date to be announced), please:

1) Have a brief look at the Ralph Appelbaum and Associates’ (RAA) Visualized Concept Study, linked below. It will give you a sense of the direction RAA is recommending for future changes to the HMC exhibit. We are not asking you to provide feedback on the RAA document at this time, however we do want you to have a sense of what we’re considering for the future of the exhibit.

2) Explore each section of HMC’s current core exhibit. (The large text in blue, below, links to each exhibit section.) We are especially interested in your impressions and feedback about our current exhibit at this stage in the project.

3) Once you have explored our current core exhibit via the links below, please complete a brief questionnaire (also linked below) to capture your thoughts, ideas, and impressions. We will discuss feedback from this survey during our first scholars’ meeting.

4) In a future scholars’ meeting, we will go through the RAA Visualized Concept Study in more detail together and hear about your thoughts, ideas, and impressions about that document. (Essentially, we will start with what HMC has now–the current exhibit–then later move into conversations for future changes.)


Architectural drawings and a rendering to help you visualize the space

3D Layout

Architectural Floor plan

HMC Floor Areas

A Visualized Concept Study by Ralph Appelbaum and Associates

(Due to the file size, this is a link to a file on Dropbox)


Timeline and Museum of European Jewish Heritage


Descent into Nazism


The Camp System


The Postwar Period


Permanent installations outside of the Core Exhibit



(Please fill this out after completing the virtual tour)