Family Involvement Guides

Family Involvement Guides
Our Teacher Advisory Group designed the following materials for you to modify and share with your students’ families. Parents are often worried that studying an era as dark as the Holocaust will traumatize their children. By sending a letter home before beginning a Holocaust or genocide unit, teachers can allay parental fears and explain what will be taught, and how parents can talk about the Holocaust with their children. For ELA teachers, we also provide a sample letter that explains the value of studying the Holocaust through literature. Finally, there is an FAQ sheet to answer questions about the Holocaust in the ELA classroom.​

Family Involvement Guide ELA - Family Involvement Letter FAQ for the ELA Classroom

Let’s Talk About Anne Frank: A Family Discussion Guide
This guide was created to stimulate and enhance conversation between adults and children, teachers and students as they read The Diary of Anne Frank. Historical facts and background information are provided to offer a fuller understanding of the environment Anne was living in during the Holocaust experienced in the Netherlands in the 1940s, as well as context to Anne’s life prior to living in the Annex.

Anne Frank - Family Discussion Guide