Family Spotlight: Keeping Memories Alive

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By: HMC Editorial Staff – 

(Left to right) Gary, Zack, Marvin, Cynthia and Matt Zucker


Marvin Zucker, son of Holocaust survivors, feels it’s his responsibility to fund an organization he believes in to make it stronger. As a loyal donor to the Holocaust Memorial Center, Marvin has done just that. Zucker’s parents, Channa and Nathan Zucker, were forcibly deported from Poland to a Russian labor camp where they met. The two walked over 2,000 miles, and then smuggled themselves in an abandoned boat to Italy to survive. Marvin’s only other family member who survived the Holocaust was his uncle, Steve Goldin. Marvin lost nine uncles and aunts and both sets of grandparents.

Growing up, Marvin’s parents never wanted to talk about the Holocaust; it destroyed them. The experience shaped them and in turn shaped him. “It made me determined to survive. If my parents could get through that, I can get through anything.” As a devoted husband and father, Marvin lives that to the fullest.

Marvin supports the Holocaust Memorial Center because of his life experiences. Marvin often talks about the importance of the museum with his children. His son, Zack, a history buff, traced their family lineage and uncovered more about the family’s experiences including how his great-grandmother was murdered during the Holocaust. Its stories like this and Marvin’s generosity that have immediate impact on future generations. We are grateful for the Zucker family’s support. ​