At the Holocaust Center, we have hundreds of artifacts and other items in our collection for our visitors to learn from. These objects tell stories and provide us with an opportunity to connect with the past. Take a look Inside the Glass Case and explore our artifacts through this on-demand museum experience.

Inside the Glass Case offers educational videos, survivor testimony, photos, lesson plans, and other resources that will engage, educate, and empower you and your students.

On-Demand Virtual Museum Experience

Children's Book: Trust No Fox

Learn about Nazi Ideology and propaganda through a children’s book published in 1936, and how these ideas influenced people’s actions.

Steve Lewkowicz’s Uniform

Learn about the Final Solution and life in the camps through a local survivor’s story and a close look at his uniform from Buchenwald.

Samuel Pruchno’s Paintings

Learn about life in the camps, the death marches, and liberation through a series of paintings by a local survivor.

Additional Artifacts with Lesson Plans

Ben Guyer's Uniform

Learn about dehumanization and the role of uniforms in the camp system through a close look at a survivor’s tailored uniform.

The Boxcar

Learn about deportation and its role in the Final Solution through an analysis of firsthand accounts and our museum's own boxcar.

Ruth Korn's Basket

Learn about the Nazi invasion of Denmark and the struggles of emigration to the United States through a close look at a local survivor’s basket.

Royal Army Medical Corps Report

Learn about the liberation of Bergen-Belsen and the establishment of DP camps through a Royal Army Medical Corps Report.

Hans Weinmann and the Kindertransport

Learn about the Nuremberg Laws, Kristallnacht, and the Kindertransport through the documents and story of a local survivor.

A Wedding Band Discovered

Learn about the camp system and how to analyze an artifact through a wedding band discovered at Dachau.