More Oral Histories Needed

As time grows short for Holocaust survivors, the necessity to record their accounts of this period of history is imperative. Recognizing the urgency of this need, the HMC has stepped up its interviewing efforts. The HMC therefore asks that anyone who lived through this period and witnessed the Holocaust to please contact the museum to record your story.

The HMC collects the testimonies of Holocaust survivors, whether they were in the camps, in hiding, passing as non-Jews, in the partisans or a resistance movement, or were able to leave Europe before it was too late. Also of great importance are the accounts of the liberators who unexpectedly encountered the results of the Nazis' extermination machine when they entered the camps, the stories of Righteous Gentiles, those who helped save Jewish lives, and any other eyewitness to Nazi persecutions.

The HMC's interviewers and professional videographers will accommodate any individual scheduling requirements. Language is not a barrier.

Giving a testimonies not only benefits Holocaust researchers, but also becomes a legacy for the interviewer's own family. Each interviewee is given a DVD copy of his/her testimony to share with family and friends.

If you are interested in recording your testimony, please contact Feiga Weiss at 248.553.2834 or