Ellie Provizer Bat Mitzvah Project

Ellie ProvizerDear Friends & Family,

Did you know there are so many kids who do not even know what the Holocaust was?

I think it is very important for all kids to have the ability to learn about the Holocaust and see our wonderful Holocaust Memorial Center.

As most of you know, I will become a bat mitzvah this fall. For my mitzvah project, I am going to raise as much money as I can to help bring a bus load of students from a school in Michigan.

They will get to see the Holocaust Memorial Center in person and learn all about the Holocaust and the impact their actions will have on the world.

Please help me to make this dream a reality. Thank you in advance for your donation.

Never Again,


Please Click Here to see a short video that I am in. It explains why this is so important to me and to you too.

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