We are excited to welcome school groups back to The HC for the 2023-2024 school year! Starting in December, we will offer in-person and Virtual Museum Experiences (VMEs) led by Museum Educators who will customize the content presented for an interactive and unique experience.

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Virtual Museum Experience (VME):

Help your students engage with Holocaust education through inquiry-based conversations led by a Museum Educator. Rather than a survey of Holocaust history, our VMEs are designed to explore a particular question, theme, or event in-depth.

For example, students often ask why Jewish victims of the Holocaust didn’t fight back. By focusing on the theme of resistance, our Museum Educators will use photos, video testimonies of survivors, artifacts from our collection, and other primary source material to help students understand the ways in which Jewish people did fight back – not only through physical and armed resistance but by maintaining their humanity despite attempts to dehumanize them.

All content is customized to your teaching goals or objectives and focuses on your students’ specific needs and interests. These experiences are hosted on your school’s preferred platform (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.) and take place in real-time.
Our sessions last 30-45 minutes and can accommodate groups of all sizes. Due to high demand, we can schedule 4 presentations per teacher/class.

In-Person Field Trip:

When your students visit The HC, it is an extension of your classroom. Each in-person museum experience features a 60-minute tour led by a Museum Educator who will work with you to customize the tour content to meet your teaching objectives and engage your students’ interests.

In addition to a guided tour for your group, you may choose to participate in an Education Program. We cannot guarantee which Education Program your group will experience. Next Generation Speaker presentations are based on the availability of our speakers, and therefore cannot be guaranteed.

Education Programs:

  • 30-minute Next Generation Speaker (Please allow 2.25 hours for your visit)
  • 30-minute introductory/culminating program with a Museum Educator (Please allow 2 hours for your visit)

If your field trip will include a tour ONLY, please allow 1.5 hours for your visit. We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your tour and allow for 15 minutes to return sound equipment and use the restrooms before your group leaves.

Reserve your spot now!