The lessons of the Holocaust are critical for helping security sector professionals protect and serve in today’s world. Join us to learn about ethical leadership, diversity, and contemporary atrocity prevention.

We provide custom programs for police and public safety officers, law enforcement, cadets and trainees, private security professionals, military service members, and more.

We are honored to offer all Security Sector programs to participants free of charge.


Through our programs, professionals will:

  • Learn how the lessons of the Holocaust can help counter hatred and identity-based violence today;
  • Gain an appreciation for Jewish history and diverse perspectives; and
  • Reflect on themes like ethics, leadership, and diversity.


Museum Tour and Program

When you visit The HC, you will have a guided tour through our main exhibits led by an experienced docent. After booking your tour, we will contact you to work together to customize the tour content to your specific industry or interests and objectives.

Our Security Sector Education tours are 2 hours long, which includes a 90 minute tour and a 30 minute education program for reflection and wrap-up.

In addition to a tour, you can elect for your group to listen to a 30 minute Next Generation Speaker presentation. Next Generation Speakers are children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors who share their family stories.


Security Sector Workshops

Our Security Sector Workshops will assist your officers and personnel in fulfilling their missions to protect all citizens and defend democratic institutions. Offered free of charge, workshops include a museum tour, lunch, a Next Generation Speaker, and educational sessions focused on the ethical dilemmas faced by the police and military in Nazi Germany and how their decisions shaped the Holocaust. Participants will reflect on themes like ethics, responsibility, and diversity to inspire leadership and service today.

We work with you to design an experience tailored to your group’s objectives. We offer expertise on thematic topics to help your group apply the lessons learned from the Holocaust to the security sector profession.

Topics include:

  • Know Your Enemy: Perpetrators of the Holocaust and Mass Atrocities

  • Policing and the Holocaust: The Dangers of Prejudice and the Power of Resistance

  • Obedience to Orders: The Nuremberg Trials and Legal Defenses for Atrocity Crimes

  • The Military and Atrocity Prevention: Liberating the Camps and Protecting Civilians

  • The Ritchie Boys: Diversity as Strength in the U.S. Military


Virtual Museum Experiences

Unable to physically come to the museum? We offer virtual learning about the Holocaust through theme-based presentations led by our expert docents. Rather than a survey of Holocaust history, our VMEs are designed to explore a particular question, theme, or event in-depth. Sessions last 45 minutes to an hour, and we can accommodate groups of all sizes.


Schedule your Virtual Museum Experience!

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