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A Forgotten Chapter: Holland Under the Third Reich
This is a transcript of a lecture given by Anthony Anderson at the University of Southern California on October 17, 1995.

Aktion Kinder des Holocaust (Action Children of the Holocaust)
In German only, this site provides reviews of Swiss articles and issues regarding the Holocaust. The site contains a search engine which can be used to search the archives.

Israeli Centers for Holocaust Survivors and the Second Generation focusing on psychological services and support. Contains also a database of all Austrian Nazi Victims (look for Projekte/ Holocaust).

American Friends of the Ghetto Fighter's House
The American office of the Ghetto Fighter's House, a leading Holocaust and Resistance Museum and education center in Israel.

Antisemitism and Holocaust
Extensive directory of sites on anti-semitism, anti-zionism, the Holocaust, Holocaust denial, and related topics.

Association of Holocaust Survivors in Sweden
The Association of Holocaust Survivors in Sweden is a nationwide organisation that was founded in 1992 as a reaction to denial of the Holocaust. The membership comprises survivors of Nazi persecution, as well as their children.

Camps Liberated by the 12th Armored Division
A list of Dachau satellite camps liberated by the US Army 12th Armored division.

Cybrary of the Holocaust
Forum for Holocaust survivors and their descendants, to promote remembrance.

Companies Affiliated with Concentration Camps
A list of companies who used slave labor from concentration camps and the camps where they operated.

Research site for Holocaust scholars allowing communication between individuals. It also makes available diverse bibliographical, research and teaching aids.

HateWatch is a nonprofit organization that monitors the growing and evolving threat of hate group activity on the Internet. It maintains an extensive annotated link directory of sites for combating bigotry and hate group sites

Haynt: a tsaytung bay yidn, 1908-1939
Chaim Finkelstein was the last editor of Haynt, a Jewish Newspaper in Warsaw, Poland, before the Holocaust. His book, Haynt: a tsaytung bay yidn 1908-1939, chronicles the history of the newspaper throughout its existence.

Hitler's life - timeline
This history follows the rise of Hitler from his birth in 1889 through his becoming Dictator of Germany in 1933.

Holocaust Collection -
Includes biographies of Holocaust victims and survivors, information on concentration camp, looted artwork and access to the National Archives' Holocaust records collection.

Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team
A documentary site maintained by a group of independent Holocaust researchers to inform and educate people about the Holocaust, focusing on the events surrounding the Aktion Reinhard extermination program conducted by the Nazis in Poland.

Holocaust Guide at
Jennifer Rosenberg is the guide at this Holocaust site featuring weekly articles and organized links.

Holocaust History Project
Created to refute revisionist historians, this still new site contains many essays and links about the Holocaust. Included are transcripts/translations of Nazi reports (such as the Stroop Report) and the Nuremberg Trials.

Holocaust-Related Links
A collection of 167 Holocaust-related links in several languages.

For a guide to teaching Holocaust studies using the Internet, teachers can take a look at David Dickersons personal page, Holocaust/Shoah.

I*EARN Australia Holocaust Genocide Project
An international, nonprofit, telecommunications project focusing on the study of the Holocaust and other genocides.

Idea -- A Journal of Social Issues
Essays regarding social history issues (mainly dealing with totalitarian governments and racism), including some about the Holocaust. Also contains a gallery of modern-day photographs of Auschwitz-Birkenau and Mauthausen, as well as links and search capabilities.

Independent Commission of Experts Switzerland - Second World War (ICE)
An international commission which was established by the Swiss government to investigate the volume and fate of assets moved to Switzerland before, during and immediately after the World War II.

Information about German/Nazi scientists recruited by the US.
Document concerning Operation Paperclip.

International March of the Living
The International March of the Living is a yearly journey in which thousands of primarily Jewish teens from around the world gather in Poland and Israel to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day and Israel Independence Day.

Jewish Labor and the Holocaust
This exhibit presents a portfolio of a hundred photographs and documents from the JLC (Jewish Labor Committee) Collection.

Leni Riefenstahl Filmstills
This is an archive of still pictures from two of Riefenstahl's Nazi propaganda films: Triumph of the Will and Olympiad.

Leni Riefenstahl: Internet Resources
This site is a list of information and Internet resources about Leni Riefenstahl, the official Third Reich videographer, created by Bill Barrett.

Links to the Holocaust
Subject directory on Holocaust-related topics such as art, audio, video, camps, children, denial, discussion groups, eye witness testimony, ghettos, restitution, recovery, teaching resources, remembering surivors, time line, war criminals.

Liquidation of Jewish Enterprises (1941-1942)
A history of the takeover of Jewish-owned businesses in Slovakia.

Meyer's Holocaust Links
This is meant to be as comprehensive a list as possible; I have tried to include all kinds of sites, from the most personal to the most professional.

Murder by Government -- Democide
Professor Rudy Rummel has created this site as an analysis of 20th century genocide sponsored by governments. Contains information about some pre-20th century democide, as well as details of all democides which occured between 1900 and 1987.

Nazi Gold
This Web site supplements the PBS Frontline documentary that examined the financial relationships between Switzerland and Nazi Germany. A chronology of events, a set of links to related Web sites, and information for claimants are provided.

Nazi Science
A syllabus and information from a course detailing Nazi medical science and human experimentation. Provides links and information on many Nazi doctors.

News Museum
War Stories: Reporting in the time of conflict. An essay by Harold Evans. This may raise the context of how the Shoa might have been better reported at the time it occurred.

One Thousand Children Inc. (OTC)
The Story of How American Families and Organizations Rescued Children of the Holocaust.

Paintings of Tamara - a Child Holocaust Survivor
A collection of paintings by Holocaust survivor Tamara Deuel.

Poetry in Hell
Poetry in Hell is a web site dedicated to the poets, both in the Warsaw ghetto and elsewhere, whose poetry, was secretly collected by the members of the “Oneg Shabbat Society“, preserved and buried in the Warsaw ghetto.

Rabbis who Perished during the Holocaust
Available in Hebrew. Online version of the book
רבנים שנספו בשואה[Rabbis who Perished during the Holocaust] by Penina Meizlish.

Remembering the Kindertransport
Contains Information about the Kindertransport movement and the film My Knees Were Jumping; Remembering the Kindertransports including photos, bibliographies and summaries of books

Michael Knigin's online collection of Artcommemoraring the dead and living heroes of the Holocaust.

Rescuers: Portraits of Moral Courage in the holocaust
Who are the rescuers, the men and women whose gripping personal narratives make up the core of this remarkable book? Why did they risk everything-even their lives and those of their families-to save Jews marked for death during the Holocaust?

Responses to the Holocaust: A Hypermedia Sourcebook for the Humanities
This site introduces the viewer to the various discourses, disciplines, media, and institutions that provide significant critical and theoretical positions and discussions concerning the Nazi genocide of the Jews of Europe, 1933-45.

Salvation of Bulgarian Jewry during World War II
This Web site includes resources on Bulgarian Jews, the history of the Holocaust in Bulgaria, and how Bulgarian Jews were rescued.

The emphasis of the Shamash collection of Web site resources is on combating Holocaust denial and revisionism. There are links within this collection to historical documents and excerpts of perpetrator testimonies. Zukunft braucht Erinnerung
Available in German. is the biggest portal in German language featuring comprehensive information on holocaust and third Reich.

Sir Martin Gilbert Online  

The Genocide of the Czech Jews
This commemorative book lists the names of those who became the victims of deportation, by means of which the German occupation powers dragged away from the Czech lands the men, women and children covered by the Nuremberg Laws.

The Gerda and Kurt Klein Foundation
The Gerda and Kurt Klein Foundation creates the opportunity for young people to understand the world and translate that understanding into positive action.

The Holocaust (Poetry and Plays by John Raymond Zinn Green)
A collection of Holocaust-themed literature by John Raymond Zinn.

The Holocaust Chronicle web site
This is an excellent website of the 800 page, not-for-profit book, published in March 2000. The entire book has been reproduced on line with extensive search capabilities. There is no charge or registration requirements to utilize this extensive web resource.

The Holocaust crimes heroes and villains
This site includes general essays and information on major people and themes of the Holocaust.

The Holocaust in the Baltics
Information about the Holocaust in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia as well as current events concerning anti-Semitism and the current East European Jewish community.

The Holocaust Ring
This listing of thirty-five diverse web sites provides access to content on many aspects of Holocaust study, including but not limited to: web sites about individual survivors, web sites about liberation of the camps and teacher resource web sites.

The Legacy Project
This site is a gathering place for people interested in the enduring legacies of the many violent traumas of the 20th century and is dedicated to exploring issues of remembrance in different cultures, in order to better understand the contemporary situation.

The Nizkor Project
Nizkor (Hebrew for "we shall remember") is dedicated to remembering the nearly twelve million civilians and POWs killed by Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime, and to refuting and marginalizing those who say "it never happened."

The Remember the Women Institute
This Web site includes information on Institute projects dealing with research on women, focusing on the Holocaust era. Updated information on current projects and a bibliography of works in English are included.

The Warsaw Ghetto Site
The Warsaw Ghetto site is a collection of facts from the history of the ghetto based on archival and bibliographical data.

The Wiener Library
The Wiener Library has published fully searchable document descriptions from the Nazi Party main archive, including personal papers of Adolf Hitler, Julius Streicher and Heinrich Himmler.

TRACES is a non-profit educational organization created to gather, preserve and present stories of people from the Midwest and Germany and Austria who encountered each other during World War II.

Geschichte im Internet: NS-Zeit und Zweiter Weltkrieg (German) 
In German (with some sections in English), this site provides information about German politics and history in the years up to and including the Third Reich.

Volume 1 of Shu"T Mima'amakim

Tiergartenstrasse 4
Information on the T-4 program and concentration camps.

Women and the Holocaust
Dedicated to all of those women: Who were murdered while pregnant. Holding little hands of children or carrying infants in their arms on the way to be gassed.


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