Web Resources - Holocaust Photographs

German photographers 1933-1945  

Gallery of Holocaust Images
A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust: Galleries of Holocaust Images

Holocaust Imagine Art Gallery
Imagine Art Gallery - Student Expressions

Holocaust Photographs
Links to Holocaust Photographs.

Holocaust Remembrance: A Photographic Memorial
85-image slide show memorial to the Holocaust.

Images of a lost community
100 of the photographs, containing people who have not been identified. Do you recognize one of them? If so, please send us a red-mail and let us know.

National Archives: World War II Photos
This is a representative sampling of photographs from World War II that can be found in the holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration.

People of a Thousand Towns
"People of a Thousand Towns": The Online Catalog of Photographs of Jewish Life in Prewar Eastern Europe.

Photographs and Videos of Pre-Holocaust Jewish Poland
A collection, primarily in video format, of photographs of various Jewish communities of Poland.

Photographs Documenting the Holocaust in Hungary
A collection of photographs of the events of the Holocaust in Hungary.

State of Hessen (Germany) - Old Photographs
The photos on this educational website show Jewish persons in their local villages and towns in Hessen before the Holocaust.

The Bagnówka Project
The Bagnówka Project is a growing collection of photographs, postcards and maps depicting Jewish life in pre-war Poland.

The Chronicles of the Vilna Ghetto
Collection of wartime photos of German soldiers from both WWI and WWII, unique pictures of unidentified prisoners of the ghetto, documents from the ghetto prison, photos of nazi criminals responsible for atrocities, Ponary then and now.

The Holocaust Album
A collection of historical and contemporary photographs relating to the Holocaust.

Tomasz Wisniewski - Poland photos pre-1945
This album contains hundreeds photos of Poland prior to 1945. It includes Kresy pre-1939 (eastern provinces), Poland pre-1939 (western provinces), and Poland 1939-1945. Images are from the Tomy Wisniewski Collection.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Photo Archives
The online photograph archives of the United States Holocasut Memorial Museum.

Yad Vashem Photo Archive
Yad Vashem's photo archive, consisting of around 200,000 Holocaust-related photographs, around 130,000 of which are currently online.


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