Web Resources - Local Jewish Communities

Bartnowski Family in Zabludow - Private Family Genealogies
Private site about the Bartnowski Family in Zabludow and further informaton about Zabludow.

Czestochowa-Radomsko Area Research Group CRARG
The Czestochowa-Radomsko Area Research Group gathers lists of Jewish residents of Czestochowa, Radomsko, and the small towns nearby, as well as Holocaust death lists and survivor lists from around Poland.

In memory of Szczuczyn, Poland
Memorial to the Jewish history of this town as it once existed, including photos of residents and of the town itself, maps, and surname lists.

In memory of Wizna, Poland
Memorial to a small Jewish community that was eradicated by the Holocaust. Includes maps and photographs of residents, the town, and the Jewish cemetery.

Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien (Jewish Community of Vienna)
Available in German and English. Website for the Jewish community of Vienna

Jewish Community of Siedlce
History and photographs of the former Jewish community of Siedlce, Poland and survivor testimonies.

Klodawa: A Family Portrait
A genealogy of the Przedecki family from Klodawa, Poland. Also includes a list of surnames from the Klodawa area accompanied by family histories or photographs.

List of Bialystok Children
Bialystok children's transport list from Theresenstadt to Auschwitz.

Radzilow, Poland
Memorial to a small Jewish community of 800 murdered on July 7, 1941. Includes modern and historical photos, list of surnames, and information about descendants of the town in Israel and New York.

The Foundation Monumentum Iudaicum Lodzense
Lodz Jews Heritage

Warsaw Ghetto
The Warsaw Ghetto site is a collection of facts from the history of the ghetto. The facts are stored in a form of an Internet database. It was designed in the way that enables its users to easily find related information on specific subjects: people

We Remember the Jewish Communities of Poland!
This web page lists 1578 Jewish communities in Poland.

A source of information for Jews and Jewish life in Zaglembie, Poland.


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