Web Resources - Reparations and Claims

Art Database of the National Fund
Here you can find information on art and cultural objects located today in museums and collections of the Republic of Austria or of the City of Vienna today, which might have been seized by the National Socialists.

Austria: National Fund for Holocaust Victims
The Austrian government web site contains information about reparations and efforts at restitution for victims of the Nazi regime.

Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
The Claims Conference's mission is to compensate Jewish victims of Nazi persecution. This is achieved through a combination of negotiations, disbursing funds and seeking the return of Jewish property lost during the Holocaust.

Esra Online
ESRA (Hebrew for ‘help’) was established in 1994 to provide medical, therapeutic and social work services to Holocaust survivors and their families. In addition, it serves as a psychosocial centre for all Jewish people living in Vienna.

Frenkiel International
At Frenkiel International, caring professionals help clients reclaim assets confiscated by Nazi authorities before and during the Holocaust, and will help them through the sometimes difficult process.

German Compensation for National Socialist Crimes
This is a summary of German compensation programs, prepared by the U.S. Department of State, has been provided by the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United States.

German Restitution for National Socialist Crimes
This site gives an historical overview of Germany's restitution efforts.  

Holocaust Claims Processing Office
The mission of this office is to assist individuals of all backgrounds seeking to recover assets deposited in Swiss banks prior to and during the Second World War and to assist individuals of all backgrounds seeking to recover monies.

Holocaust Victims Assets Litigation (Swiss Banks)

Holocaust-Era Assets at the US National Archives
The Holocaust-Era Assets web pages provide a better understanding of the record holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) relating to the looting, locating, recovering, and restituting Holocaust-Era assets

International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims
ICHEIC was established in August 1998 to identify, settle, and pay individual Holocaust era insurance claims at no cost to claimants. ICHEIC ceased accepting new claim forms/applications on March 31, 2004.

National Museum Directors' Conference
This project emanates from the United Kingdom, where the National Museum Directors' Conference, an organization of museums, libraries, and related cultural institutions, assists with the hunt for artworks stolen during the Holocaust.

Österreichische Versöhnungsfonds (Austrian Fund for Reconciliation)
The Austrian Fund for Reconciliation, Peace and Cooperation was established in 2000 to disburse the voluntary payments made by the Republic of Austria to victims of Nazi forced labor.

Project HEART
The purpose of Project HEART is to help individuals with restitution for property that was confiscated, looted, or forcibly sold during the era of the Shoah.

Swiss Bank Dormant Accounts
This site contains information about dormant accounts in Swiss banks deposited before and during World War II. A list of account holders, proxies and powers of attorney is searchable and interested parties may file a claim with the information given.

The Holocaust Educational Trust -- Claims Helpline
Summaries of some 25,000 records concerning property seizure by the British government of residents of enemy nations as well as property of organizations/companies based in enemy nations.


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