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Dimitar Peshev
This site was created to remember Dimitar Peshev who played a more than significant part in saving the Jews of an entire nation.

GARIWO - Garden of the Righteous Worldwide
GARIWO's aim is to single out the Righteous wherever they may be, from the Holocaust to the gulags, from the Armenian genocide to the Bolivian massacres, from Pol Pot's "killing fields" to Rwanda, Argentina, Chile, Bosnia, Kosovo and East Timor.

Holocaust Rescuers Bibliography
This bibliography lists works in English which discuss the lives and actions of rescuers during the Holocaust.

Jan Karski
This man was a Polish underground agent who worked to bring the first news of Hitler's extermination plans to the West.

Jan Zwartendijk
Jan Zwartendijk was a Dutch business man and concul in Kovno who granted visas to refugees enabling them to leave Lithuania.

Janusz Korczak Living Heritage Association
The purpose of this Swedish association is to disseminate information on Janusz Korczak and his life. Janusz Korczak was a pediatrician and a teacher who cared for orphans in Warsaw and who refused to leave them when they were led to their deaths.

Oskar Schindler
The Southern Institute for Education and Research presents this guide on Schindler.

PBS - Righteous Gentiles
Ten Polish rescuers are profiled on this site along with their oral histories.

Sugihara: Conspiracy of Kindness
The website shares details of the little-known story of Sugihara and his family and the fascinating relationship between the Jews and the Japanese in the 1930s and 1940s.

The Chambon Foundation
The Chambon Foundation (formerly Friends of Le Chambon) was founded in 1982 by Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Pierre Sauvage, who serves as President. Sauvage was born in Le Chambon in 1944 to parents who had found refuge there.

The Story of Oscar Schindler--Rake and Saviour
This site provides information about the life and deeds of Oscar Schindler, with many pictures. It is based on articles written by Louis Bulow that have been published in Danish newspapers and magazines.

Varian Fry
Varian Fry, a 32 year old Harvard-educated classicist and editor from New York City, helped save thousands of endangered refugees who were caught in the Vichy French zone escape from Nazi terror during World War II.

Varian Fry: A Hero of our Own, Book Review
Sheila Isenberg's biography of Fry, A Hero of our Own, tells the story of this WWII rescuer; the only American Righteous Gentile honored by Israel's Holocaust Memorial.

Winton's Children
In the months before World War II, 669 children, mostly Jewish, were transported from Czechoslovakia to Britain and other countries. This was due almost entirely to the efforts of a 29-year old stockbroker of German-Jewish heritage, Nicholas Winton.

Yad Vashem: The Righteous Among the Nations
Yad Vashem has recognized over 13,000 men and women as Righteous Among the Nations. This site explains this award for Righteous Gentiles.


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