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Business and the Holocaust
Business and the Holocaust from Stock Maven provides information leading up to the Holocaust showing major ties between corporations and the Nazis with articles, book excerpts, historical and recent news media reports and war crimes trial transcripts.

Deborah Lipstadt
Information about the 2000 trial in which David Irving, a British Holocaust denier, sued American professor Deborah Lipstadt for libel in an English court can be found on this Emory University Web site.

Eichmann Prosecutor Interview
An interview with Justice Gabriel Bach, who was Senior Prosecutor in the Adolf Eichmann trial.

Nazi Crimes on Trial
German Trials Concerning National Socialist Homicidal Crimes1945 - 1999. Compiled at the Institute of Criminal Law of the University of Amsterdam by Prof. Dr. C.F. Rýter and Dr. D.W. de Mildt.

Office of Special Investigations
The Office of Special Investigations detects and investigates individuals who took part in Nazi-sponsored acts of persecution abroad before and during World War II, and who subsequently entered, or seek to enter, the United States illegally.


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Nuremberg Trial Project
Access to digitized photographs, court proceedings, and search engine of analyzed documents in Harvard Law School Library.