Frederick, David

Bedzin (Poland), Ottmuth, Markstädt, Fünfteichen, Mauthausen, Gross-Rosen, Bergen-Belsen

Frederick was born in Bedzin, Poland in 1919, the second to the youngest of ten children born to a successful jeweler. He and his two brothers who were sent to labor camps together were trained jewelers. Their craft brought them preferential treatment and insured their survival.

First at Ottmuth and then at Markstädt, Frederick worked at hard labor. Finally at Fünfteichen he let it be known that he was a jeweler. He was placed in a different work situation and began making rings for the camp officers. Although he suffered a great deal, his situation was better than most of the prisoners. The death march was the most difficult for him, but the presence of his two brothers kept him going. He still has nightmares about his experiences.

Interview Information:
Date: June 29, 1988
Interviewer: Esther Weine
Length: 48 minutes
Format: Video recording