Legacy Society

Legacy Society

Recognizing Planned Gifts, Endowment Gifts and Bequests

The Zekelman Holocaust Center Legacy Society recognizes the extraordinary individuals who have chosen to make a lasting impact on the future of the Holocaust Center through planned gifts, endowment gifts, and bequests. We are deeply grateful for their generosity, which will ensure that future generations will be educated about the tragedy of the Holocaust and the need to respect and stand up for the rights of others. Have you included The Holocaust Center in your estate?
Please notify us of your gift commitment, so that we can include you among the donors recognized by The Zekelman Holocaust Center Legacy Society. Members receive a unique Legacy Society pin and invitations to exclusive Legacy Society events.

Join the Society

For more information about Legacy Gifts or The Zekelman Holocaust Center’s Legacy Society please contact:
Director of Development, Cheryl Guyer at 248.536.9602 or cheryl.guyer@holocaustcenter.org
Director of Annual and Institutional Giving, Beth Snider at 248.536.9603 or beth.snider@holocaustcenter.org

Founding Members*

Irwin Beron
Doris (z”l) and Eric Billes
Jean and Howard Bleiwas
Judith Levin Cantor (z”l)
Jeffrey Chase
Mary Dettloff
Linda Diem
David E. Eason
Sarah D. Eason (z”l)
Anne E. Ford (z”l)
Beverly Fradis
Eleanor Fradis
Teddy Freund (z”l)
Lori (z”l) and Jerry Guttman
Morris Fridman (z”l)
Carmen and Harvey L Gotliffe
Beverly (z”l) and Melvin Hersh
Gary Hershoren (z”l)
Trudy (z”l) and Heinz Herzko
Judy and Samuel Jassenoff
Viola (z”l) and Garry Kappy
Sonja and Robert Kass
Lisa and Daniel M. Klein
Maurice Lezell (z”l)
Christine and David Lustig
Esther Manko (z”l)
Brian M. Migdal (z”l)
Jacqueline and Myron Milgrom (z”l)

Hertha Oppenheimer (z”l)
Bella Peck (z”l)
Cynthia and Jody Roberts
Beverly and Robert Rosenfeld
Agi and Zoltan Rubin (z”l)
Randee Sable
Mania and Martin Salinger (z”l)
Brenda Overthal Saperstein
Eli Scherr
Ruth Adler Schnee
Sandy Schreier
Elaine Stern (z”l)
Richard K. Stoler
Martin Water (z”l)
Lila and Henri Wagmann (z”l)
Ruth and Mark (z”l) Webber
Sylvia and Hans Weinmann (z”l)
Henrietta and Alvin Weisberg (z”l)
David E. Weiss
Gabriela and Walter Weiss (z”l)
Edith Williams (z”l)
Phillip B. Wolfsheimer (z”l)
Barbara and Ira Zaltz
Lori and Alan Zekelman
Barry and Stephanie Zekelman
Clayton Zekelman
Morris Zucker (z”l)
* in formation