Teacher & Administrator Resources

The Art & Writing Competition seeks to empower and inspire today’s students to lead our world to a better future. When your students enter the competition, they will practice what it means to step up and start to work towards making changes in the world. It starts with the transformative experience of creating a piece of art or writing, but the message spreads to your students’ families, friends, classmates, and all who will see the winning work on display at The Holocaust Center.

We invite you to share this Competition with your students and incorporate it into your classrooms! Please see our flyer below for suggestions:


5 Teaching TIPS:

  • Teach the human story – Identify the characters and show photographs and videos so that your students will see them as real people that lived real lives.
  • Focus on choice – What choices did the victims have? What choices did the helpers have? What choices did the perpetrators have? Why might they have made the choices that they did? What consequences did they face?
  • Provide historical context – Contextualize the stories by providing background information on what happened before, during, and after.
  • Encourage critical thinking – Ask students why they think that Anne, Elie, and Erich’s works are important to read and view today, and what they found most interesting about them.
  • Move from thought to action – Ask your students to think about what being a responsible citizen means? What does it look like? Who are we responsible for? What can people do to make a difference?

Student winners in each category, as well as their teachers, will be awarded prizes.