Honig (Marosi), Esther

Honig (Marosi), Esther

Mukacheve (Ukraine), Paris

Esther Honig (nee Marosi) was born in Mukacheve, Ukraine in 1910. She was a cook at the age of twenty-nine. Her husband worked in the underground and they had a three-year-old son. Her husband was accused of being a Communist and put in jail for months and then sent to a concentration camp.

During the war, she first worked as a house maid and then as a cook in the home of a millionaire, where she cooked for twenty people.

Her son, who was then three, was hidden with Catholic children and she sent food packages for him. She was also a fine dressmaker.

She eventually reunited with her husband and son.

Interview information:
Interviewer: Esther Weine
Date: 6/21/1988
Format: Video recording