Selected Holocaust Literature for Young Readers

Selected Holocaust Literature for Young Readers

Adler, David A. The Number on My Grandfather’s Arm, c1987.

Adler, David A. We Remember the Holocaust, c1989.

Altshuler, David A. Hitler’s War Against the Jews: A Young Reader’s Version of the War Against the Jews, 1933-1945, c1978.

Auerbacher, Inge. I Am a Star–Child of the Holocaust, c1986.

Ayer, Eleanor H. Parallel Journeys, c1995.

Baldwin, Margaret. The Boys Who Saved the Children, c1981.

Bernbaum, Israel. My Brother’s Keeper: The Holocaust Through the Eyes of an Artist, c1985.

Bishop, Claire Huchet. Twenty and Ten, c1952, 1990.

Bunting Eve, Terrible Things: An Allegory of the Holocaust, c 1989.

Chaikin, Miriam. A Nightmare in History: The Holocaust, 1933-1945, c1987.

Dagan, Bat-Sheva. What Happened in the Shoah?: A Story in Rhyme for Children Who Wish to Know, 1992.

Drucker, Malka and Michael Halperin. Jacob’s Rescue: A Holocaust Story, 1993.

Finkelstein, Norman H., Remember Not to Forget: A Memoir of the Holocaust, c 1985.

Fluek, Toby Knobel. Memories of My Life in a Polish Village, 1930-1949, 1990.

Goldman Rubin, Susan. Fireflies in the Dark: The Story of Friedl Dicker-Brandeis and the Children of Terezin, c 2000.

Goldman Rubin, Susan. The Flag with Fifty Six Stars, c 2005.

Goldman Rubin, Susan. A Gift from the Survivors of Mauthausen.

Greenfield, Howard. The Hidden Children, 1993.

Innocenti, Roberto. Rose Blanche, 1985.

Klein, Gerda Weissman. Promise of a New Spring: The Holocaust and Renewal, 1981.

Levitin, Sonia. Journey to America, c1970, 1987. Silver Days, c1989, 1992.

Levoy, Myron. Alan and Naomi, c1977, 1987.

Lowrey, Lois. Number the Stars, 1989.

Matas, Carol. Daniel’s Story, 1993. Kris’ War, 1992. Lisa’s War, 1991.

Meltzer, Milton. Rescue: The Story of How Gentiles Saved Jews in the Holocaust, c1988.

Morpurgo, Michael. Waiting for Anya, 1991.

Orlev, Uri. The Island on Bird Street, 1984.

Resnick, Abraham. The Holocaust, c1991.

Reiss, Johanna. The Upstairs Room, c1972, 1990. The Journey Back, c1976, 1987.

Richter, Hans Peter. Friedrich, c1961.

Rogasky, Barbara. Smoke and Ashes: The Story of The Holocaust, c1988.

Rossel, Seymour. The Holocaust, 1981.

Roth-Hano, Renee. Touch Wood: A Girlhood in Occupied France, c1988, 1989.

Rubin, Arnold P. The Evil That Men Do: The Story of the Nazis, c1977.

Rutherford, Ward. Genocide, 1973

Siegal, Aranka. Upon the Head of a Goat, c1981, 1983.

Stadtler, Bea. The Holocaust: A History of Courage and Resistance, 1974, c1973.

Stein, R. Conrad. The Holocaust, c1986.

Toll, Nelly S. Behind a Hidden Childhood During World War Two , 1993.

Wild, Margaret. Let the Celebrations Begin, 1991.

Yolen, Jane. The Devil’s Arithmetic, c1988, 1990.

Zar Rose and Kimmel Eric A., In the Mouth of the Wolf, c 1983.