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Date Document
Issued By
Title Location Brief Description
104 1945 Regional District Registry and field hospital Death certificates of Jews died from dysentery, suicide, heart failures, etc. Sopron Region Death certificates of Jews committed suicide, dysentery, heart failure, gastro enteritis, atrophy (ages between 18 and 50); mainly workers from the forced labor camps yes
104A 1944 County Chief Magistrate Report of assets itemized owned by Jews Sopron Region Mandatory reporting of assets owned by Jews with itemized lists yes
104B 1944 County Chief Magistrate Various instructions to execute persecutions and seizing Jewish assets and their usage; Radios, jewelries seized; Handling instructions Sopron Region Requests by Aryans to obtain stores owned by Jews; sugar rations to Jews; confiscating radios; using safes for seized jewelries; instructions to handle seized assets yes
104C 1944 Chief Magistrate Vacated Jewish stores; Forbidden contact with Jews; Usage of Jews from labor camps in agriculture Sopron Region /Kapuvar Usage of stores vacated by Jews; proposed retaliation for Aryans keeping company with Jews; Usage of Jewish laborers from labor camps in agriculture yes
104D 1944 County Clerk Rent by the military payment for vacated Jewish residencies Jewish bakery; Perishable merchandise Sopron Region /Kapuvar Usage of vacated Jewish residences by the military and payment of rent; inventory of merchandise and equipment in bakery(Goldberger); inventory of perishable merchandise in closed Jewish stores yes
105 1944 County Chief Magistrate Vast documentation of the Steiner family for exemption; Sale of perishable stock in closed Jewish stores Sopron Region Kapuvar county Remuneration of Jewish camp – laborers to be paid to victims of bomb attacks; surrendering assets originated from Jews; documentation to exempt family Steiner from persecution; sale of perishable merchandise yes
105A 1944 County Chief Magistrate Restrictions of supplies to Jews; Distributions of assets and stores; Confiscating the Jewish Civil Registrar Sopron Region Kapuvar county Restricted supply of milk to Jews; appointment of Aryan managers to Jewish owned businesses; distribution of some merchandise from locked Jewish businesses; moving the Jewish Civil Registrar to regional archives; store distributions yes
105B 1944 Regional Granger (vice) and Chief Magistrate(county) Requests and distributions of Jewish stores, residencies; merchandise; list of stores owned by Jews Sopron Region /Kapuvar County Distribution of lumber and heating fuel left in vacated Jewish homes and yards; records of all Jewish stores in Kapuvar; requests and distributions of vacated Jewish residencies yes
105C 1944 Chief Magistrate Accused Jews cannot be sentenced because of their deportation; Sale and usage of Jewish assets; Validity of all contracts with Jews cancelled; Decree to transfer goods left from Jews for military usage Sopron Region /Kapuvar County Alleged offenses committed by several Jews; private railroads owned by Jews; usage of warehouses by Aryans; confiscating radios; exempted Jewish merchants; leases or rental contracts with Jews to be void; usage of abandoned household goods and detailed inventories; list of 42 Jewish merchants; decree to transfer goods to the military yes
105D 1944 County Chief Magistrate and Treasury Department Final clearance of all assets left from Jews by sale and/or distribution to the needy; Stolen goods; Deposit of sale proceeds Sopron Region /Kapuvar County Order to sell and distribute all assets left from Jews supervised by the representatives of the Arrow Cross party; accusation for stolen goods from abandoned Jewish goods and sentencing; deposit of sale proceeds yes
105E 1944 Ministry of the Interior Chief Magistrate and Circuit Gendarmes Instructions to public employees to prove their Aryan origin; Jews to be used in agriculture; bicycle requisitions; Strict order to surrender Jewish assets in Aryan possession Sopron Region /Kapuvar County Ruling to dismiss all Jews employed in public service; proof of Aryan origin requested; usage of Jews in agriculture; requisition of bicycles; mandatory transfer of assets from Jews to local authorities; handling of rawhide and leather goods yes
105F 1944 Regional Treasury Department, Regional Granger Trade licenses; Jewish household goods distributed, or to be sold and sales proceeds Sopron Region /Kapuvar County Withdrawal of all trade licenses from Jews; list of abandoned buildings owned by Jews ;distribution of clothing , shoes and household items to victims of bombing; accounting for proceeds from sale of Jewish assets with list of goods sold yes
105G 1944 – 1945 Military Command, Chief Magistrate, Gendarmes Order to report all persons in mixed marriages regardless of exempt status; Military usage of Jewish assets Sopron Region Szombathely area Ordinance to report at the Gendarme Circuit all persons with Jewish spouses; accounting for proceeds of sale and list of goods; usage of Jewish household assets by the military yes
105H 1944 – 1945 Chief Magistrate and Local Authorities List of Jews in some rural areas; Ban on contact with labor camps; Sign removals; Jews sought for illegal acts; Sugar rations; Jews in ghetto to be used in agriculture Sopron Region various communities List of Jews reported by communities; banning contacts with Jews in labor camps; removal of signs from Jewish stores; list of Jews sought by authorities; sugar/bread rations to Jews; inventory of household goods left by Jews; using Jews in ghetto for agricultural work without paying wages yes
105I 1944 Chief Magistrates Restriction of store hours for Jews; Books by Jewish authors removed; Heating fuel left by Jews; Keeping records of Jews living in the communities; Vacant residencies distributed Sopron Region various communities Time restriction to serve Jews in stores; list of Jewish authors and books to be removed from public libraries; milk rations to Jews; distribution of heating fuel left from Jews; keeping records of Jews by communities; distribution of vacated Jewish residences yes
105J 1944 – 1945 Chief Magistrate Mandatory reporting of hidden Jewish assets; List of vacant Jewish properties; Street name changes; Instructions to move Jews to ghetto; Transfer of Jewish properties to public services Sopron Region various communities Hiding or possession of Jewish assets considered criminal act: requested reports of abandoned Jewish real estate properties; street names changes to obliterate names of Jews; transfer of vacant Jewish properties to Public Offices yes
105K 1944 Local Authorities and Treasury Distribution of Jewish assets and inventory; Merchandise transferred to “Hangya” coop, some dispute Sopron Region various communities Inventory and distribution of goods left from Jews; transfer of valuable asset (jewelry, rugs, paintings, etc.) to local authorities inventory of merchandise transferred to “Hangya” cooperative; disputes about store distribution yes
106 1944 Granger/ Chief Magistrate Distribution of vacated Jewish residences Sopron Region various communities Requested travel permit by Jews; vacated Jewish residences to be used by military personal; yes
106A 1944 Regional Gendarme Circuit and Chief Magistrate Investigations for alleged offenses committed by Jews; Food rations; Sales of store contents, appointments of managers to Jewish stores Sopron Region various communities Various investigations based on citizens accusations against Jews; reporting number of Jews by districts for food ration distribution; sales of merchandise and equipment in locked Jewish stores; requests for store manager appointments yes
106B 1944 Ministry of the Interior, Police headquarters and Chief Magistrate Raids to be held for capturing Jews living illegally in the country and other criminal acts by Jews; Illegally held Jewish assets Sopron Region /Kapuvar Notice to authorities for raid to capture Jews illegally living in Hungary and their immediate internment; reports of capture (J.Platz); illegal possession of Jewish assets by Aryans yes
106C 1944 Chief Magistrate Reporting Jewish professionals, various requests for assets left from Jews, like stores, equipment, real estate properties, etc.; Drinking of brandy by public employees and stealing while body-searching transported Jews Sopron Region various counties Reporting Jewish doctors, veterinarians and pharmacists living in the communities; exemption request from enlisting in the military; requests for Jewish stores, soda factory and wagons; drinking of brandy by public employees while body-searching Jews and stolen jewelry yes
106D 1938 – 1944 Chief Magistrate Sale and distribution of expropriated Jewish assets; Revoked trade licenses; Private rail roads Sopron Region various counties Vast documentation / correspondence re Joseph Krakauer’s citizenship; requests for distribution and/or sale of Jewish stores, merchandise, equipment, residences and other assets; revoking all trade licenses from Jews; reporting Jewish owned private rail roads yes
106E 1944 Regional and Local Authorities, Chief Magistrate Cooking oil rations; Expropriation of brick factory Sopron Region various counties Allocation of cooking oil to Jews; expropriation of Jew owned brick factory(Fertoszeplak) and inventory; organizing future production yes
106F 1944 Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Defense Ordinance to register all Jews in the communities; Banning purchases of good from Jews, instructions to handle vehicles and horses confiscated from Jews Sopron Region To all Mayors and local Authorities Ordinance to list all Jews by name, address and to forward it to Ministry of the Interior; purchasing goods for public usage from Jewish establishments prohibited; horse drawn vehicles taken from Jews to be utilized; reporting all assets owned by Jews yes
106G 1944 Chief Magistrate and Cultural Committees Confiscating assets from Jews, decree to eliminate books written by Jewish authors Sopron Region/ various communities Detailed inventory of all household goods confiscated from Mrs. Markus Lang and disposition of distributing the items; banning from all public libraries books written by Jews (list of authors) in order to save the population from their influence. yes
106H 1944 Ministerial Departments to local Authorities Correspondence to establish E. Szekely’s race classification; food rationing to Jews; Handling abandoned Jewish assets; Surrendering radios; punishment for possessing Jewish assets; Heating fuel distribution Sopron Region/ various counties Determining racial classification of Ernest Szekely and Family; different sugar and bread rations to Jews; assets left by deported Jews; confiscating radios; Severe retaliation for accepting and hiding assets from evacuated Jews; distribution of heating fuel left by Jews; also bicycles and typewriters yes
106I 1944 Regional Prefect Requesting list of unwanted elements detrimental to society like gypsies and idlers; Sale of Jewish assets Sopron Region Ordinance to list and survey all gypsies and persons avoiding work; evaluation, utilizing and sale of abandoned or confiscated Jewish assets, public auction yes
106J 1944 Local Authorities Notice to Arrow party members to send their youth for supervising and watching the Jews in ghetto Sopron Region Recruiting young Arrow party members to be sent with rifles to watch and supervise the Jews yes
106K 1945 Chief Magistrate and regional Department of Treasury Cancellation of all Jewish persecution decrees and laws; Handling abandoned or confiscated Jewish assets in post-war era Sopron Region Various counties Repealing all laws and decrees pertaining to Jewish persecution; reports requested about expropriated Jewish companies and confiscated Jewish assets no
106L 1944 Ministry of the Interior Decree to cease employment of Jews in public offices Whole Country Decree for dismissing Jews from public offices; mandatory documentation for all employees of their Aryan origin no
106M 1945 Local Authorities Inventories and receipts for Jewish assets returned to owners in post-war era Sopron Region Various counties Inventory of returned assets to Jews; signed receipts by recipients in post-war era yes
106N 1944 Local Authorities Requests, documentation and decisions to exempt persons from persecutions as Jews Pecs and area Evaluation and decision about certain Jews exempt from laws of persecution regardless of their Jewish origin yes
107 1939 – 1943 Urban Administration Authority and Ministry of Commerce Trade licenses revised; Instructions and documentation required for exemption of persecution laws; List of approved exemptions; Appeals Pecs and area Revision of trade licenses; mandatory documentation of Aryan origin; approvals and refusals of petitions to be exempt from Jewish persecution laws; complete list of exempt persons (743 names listed) with trade licenses yes
107A 1944 Ministry of Commerce and Mayor’s Office Sequestration of Jewish commercial establishments; Sales and Aryan managers Pecs and area Handling of merchandise in locked Jewish commercial establishments; deposit of sales proceeds; appointment of Aryan store managers yes
107B 1944 Mayor’s Office and Department of Treasury Restricting Jews in marketing; Mandatory reporting of assets, inventory and some sale and auctioning of merchandise Pecs and area Jews to be restricted in marketing; hours established; reporting assets in Jewish possession; distribution of some merchandise from locked Jewish stores; auctions yes
107C 1944 Ministry of Industry and Mayor’s Office Seizing Jewish owned industrial facilities; List of owners; Storing expropriated merchandise Pecs and area Reports requested about all industries in Jewish possession; list of owners (206 persons); placing expropriated merchandise to public storage; some distribution to military usage yes
107D 1944 Urban Administration Auth. and Justice Department Correspondence to solve problems with penalizing certain offenses committed by deported Jews Pecs and area Unresolved minor criminal offenses committed by Jews not present any more(deported) yes
107E 1938 – 1944 Mayor’s Office Proof of Hungarian citizenship Pecs and area Petitions and documentation by Jews for proving Hungarian citizenship; Consequences in lack of proper documentation yes
108 1942 – 1944 Mayor’s Office Proof of Hungarian citizenship (continuation of reel 107E) Pecs and area Petitions and documentation by Jews for proving Hungarian citizenship; Consequences in lack of proper documentation yes
108A 1943 – 1944 Local Authorities and Mayor’s Office Various requests for tax exemption and military service as head of families; Aid and loans for widows and children Pecs and area Petitions for exemption of labor-camp service as head of family approvals and refusals; Requests for financial aids by families of missing or dead spouses; Documentation yes
108B 1944 Police Precinct and Mayor’s Office Arrest of some Jews; Listing of all Jews in the area; Request for female workers in labor camps Pecs and area Arrest, internment and depuration of Jews accused for crimes; remunerations of their employees; mandatory registration and listing of all Jews; forced usage of women as laborers yes
108C 1944 Chief Prosecutor and Mayor’s Office Problems with buildings designated for ghetto; Solved by evacuation of ghetto and deportation of Jews City of Pecs Correspondence re, edifice owned by the rail roads (MAV)and designated as part of the ghetto, then evacuated by deportation yes
Correspondence with Rail Roads (MAV) in post-war era re: buildings used before as part of the ghetto Restauration and usage of buildings by rail road personnel in post-war and clean-up yes
108D 1944 Mayor’s Office, Treasury and Accounting departments Various issues connected with moving Jews to the ghetto; Requests and distributions of expropriated Jewish assets Pecs and area Issues with distributed former Jewish residences; transfer requests from other ghettos to Pecs; rent payments for houses occupied by Jews in Ghetto; requests and distributions of some expropriated Jewish assets; reimbursement of expenses in connection with the Ghetto yes
108E 1944 Mayor’s Office Requests and distributions of Jewish assets; Radios to be surrendered; Expense reports connected with ghetto Pecs and area Distribution of expropriated or abandoned Jewish assets to refugees and victims of bombardment; confiscated thrashers to be put in use; surrendering radios; expense reimbursement for damages caused by Jews in Ghetto yes
108F 1944 Mayor’s Office and Treasury Department Inventory, storage and handling Jewish assets left behind; Plea to satisfy discontent of people by giving away Jewish assets; Usage by the military; Damage report Pecs and area Inventory and storage of furnishings in vacated Jewish homes; rules and instructions to handle expropriated Jewish assets; urgent request to distribute clothing left by Jews to satisfy unrest in lower social classes; distributions to military personnel; reports about damages of stored Jewish assets yes
108G 1944 – 1945 Committee of Jews from Pecs and Mayor’s Office Russian Military personnel removes stored Jewish assets in post-war era Pecs and area Reporting removal of Jewish assets by the Russian Military Commands in post-war era no
108H 1943 Chief Magistrate Correspondence and documentation request from Jews to prove their citizenship Heves Region City of Eger and vicinity Request to deport Jews without properly documented citizenship; family trees and several proves presented yes
108I 1943 – 1944 Ministry of the Interior and Local Authorities Physicians called to serve in forced labor camp; Vast correspondence about Dr. Prager Heves Region City of Eger and vicinity Physicians mandatory service in labor camps; requests for exemption; accusations brought against Dr. Prager yes
108J 1942 – 1944 Mayor’s Office and County Chief Magistrate Disputes and documents for wine trading and equipment; Decisions and appeals for trade license; Arrests, internment of Jews as undesirable elements Heves Region Gyongyos and vicinity Detailed correspondence about Antal Juhasz and Diamant family equipment for wine trade licenses; other wine merchants’ disputes; internment of Mano, Joseph Pollak, Adolph and Benedek Zsigmond, Lajos Weisz, Ferenc and Salamon Klein Jeno Freud as harmful elements to the National Defense yes
108K 1944 Ministry of the Interior and Gendarmes, Police and all local Authorities Expropriation from Jews of various assets; Requests and distributions; Reorganization of sanatorium in Eger Heves Region City of Eger and vicinity Expropriation of radios, bicycles and motorbikes, typewriters from Jews and their distribution; Reorganization of the Dr. Kun sanatorium in Eger to eliminate Jewish doctors and interest;
109 1944 Ministry of the Interior and Police Headquarters Pardoning non-Jews in internment camps accused for political crimes reviewing their cases; Books written by Jewish authors to be removed Heves Region Re-examination of alleged crimes committed by non-Jewish persons arrested or in internment camps; list of books by Jewish authors in regional libraries designated to removal or shredding yes
109A 1944 Regional Department of Treasury and Nat’l Defense Command Internment request of Gyula Denz; Furniture for military; Petition to be exempt of moving to ghetto; Denied work permits Heves Region Requesting internment of Gyula Dancz for illegal activities; request for usage of furniture left by deported Jews; requests of exemption from moving to ghetto; requests and refusals of work permits for Jews yes
109B 1944 Chief Magistrate, Ministry of the Interior Appointment of Aryan managers; Physicians in labor camps; usage of synagogues; Dissolution of Jewish student and teachers associations and assets confiscated; Mandatory service by pharmacists in labor camp Heves Region Appointment of Aryans to manage confiscated Jewish stores; problems in hospitals caused by removal of Jewish physicians ; request for replacement; usage of abandoned synagogues; Associations of Jewish college students and teachers dissolved and assets confiscated; usage of pharmacist in labor camp yes
109C 1944 Chief Magistrates and Mayor’s Office Jewish owned Industrial Railroads; Dissolving Zionist organizations; Removal of books by Jewish authors Heves Region Confiscating Industrial Railroads owned by Jews; dissolution of Jewish organizations; list of books by Jewish authors in Public Libraries to be surrendered yes
109D 1936 – 1944 Ministry of the Interior and Regional Police Headquarters Decree for declaration by citizens; Report of data re: cleansing the cities from Jewish presence; Reports of various police statistics Heves Region Decree for mandatory declaration of citizens from age 12; report of transporting 1800 Jews into ghetto, then 1525 persons placed removing 275 to labor camps; reporting 126 criminal investigations and arrests for hiding assets; various statistics reported by the police yes
109E 1944 Mayor’s office and Vice Granger (Alispan) Transfer of Jewish real property; Request for exemption; Ritual bath closing; closing all Jewish stores and related problems and requests; Expense reports connected with moving Jews to Ghetto Heves Region (Gyongyos) Transfer of Jewish real property; documentation for exemption from persecution; routing of water from Jewish ritual bath(mikveh); mandatory closing and reporting of stores owned by Jews; reduced sugar rations for Jews; covering expenses related to placing Jews in ghetto with detailed lists; mandatory registration of all Jews; various topics with closed stores and merchandise; expense reports with names and addresses yes
109F 1939 – 1944 Mayor’s office and members of Jewish Congregation Expropriating typewriters, bicycles; Infectious diseases in ghetto; Lengthy correspondence regarding estate and endowment by Mrs. Julius Pikler Heves Region (Gyongyos) Expropriating typewriters, bicycles; Requested sanitary measures in ghetto by Jewish Council reporting infectious diseases; decree to reimburse and return appropriated Jewish foundations by Mrs. Pikler Gyula; disputes and appeals, inventory of ceased assets yes
109G 1944 Vice Granger (Alispan) Surrendered Jewish Registrar; Distribution of merchandise from closed stores; Expropriated assets inventoried by public servants; Medical and pharmaceutical supply handling; Aryan managers appointed Heves Region Inventory and surrender of the Jewish Registrar (birth, marriage and death); requests for distribution of merchandise from closed Jewish stores; engaging public servants to inventory assets expropriated from Jews; special handling of medical equipment and pharmaceutical materials; appointment of Aryan managers; pensions yes
109H 1944 Chief Magistrate and Vice Granger (Alispan) Organization of ghetto; Equipment in ghetto; Wine and agricultural properties left by Jews Heves Region Detailed organizational instruction for creating and managing the ghetto; inventory of equipment assigned to ghetto (listed by counties); inventory of goods left behind in wine cellars and agricultural properties yes



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