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Date Document
Issued By
Title Location Brief Description
136 1944 Notary Public and County Clerk Guardian appointed for estate; Assets listed; Weiner placed into asylum Sopron Region Estate of Mrs. Samu Krausz and appointing guardian; Assets listed (Csorna); Same for Mrs. Vilmos Lowe; Same for Joszef Kohlmann; Jozsef Mondschein; Laszlo Weiner confinement in asylum and placed by siblings under guardian’s care; yes
136A 1944 Regional Department of Treasury, Local Court Authorities Rental of thrasher; Custodian appointed to handle assets; List of Jews deported; Estate of various persons Sopron Region Rental of thrasher expropriated from Jews; Handling assets of absent (deported) Jews and appointment of custodian; List of deported Jews and appointment of custodians for their assets left; Estate of Mrs. Jeno Wichter; Same Mrs. Ignac Bass; Same Jeno Victor; Same for Lajos Krausz yes
136B 1937 – 1944 Regional Orphans’ Court, Yarn Factory (Sopron) Electric Company of Sopron Adoption of minor approved; Court documents re: the Faludi family; Knitting factory correspondence; Radios requested; Unpaid bills of absent Jews Sopron Region Adoption approved for minor Peter Faludi, Court documents about the Faludi family’s dispute and support of daughter Vera; Various correspondence of knitting factory; Request for radios to monitor air raids; Arrears deriving from unpaid bills by Jews; yes
136C 1944 Ministry of Industry, National Union of Industrial Facilities Jewish factory workers; Documentation of origin. Ban on Jewish ownership; Shares and dividends expropriated Sopron Region Employment and remuneration of Jews in factories of war efforts; Proof of origin for intellectual workers; ban on Jewish ownership and expropriation; Instructions to terminate employment of Jews; Expropriation of company shares from Jewish shareholders and handling of dividends. no
136D 1944 National Union of Industrial Facilities, Regional Treasury Department Reporting Jewish employees; ID-s for Jewish workers; Lowinger’s shares in sugar refinery; Lowinger’s insurance bonds Sopron Region, Szombathely area Monthly report about Jewish employees; Removal of Jewish owners and directors; Employment and proper ID of some Jewish workers; Zsigmond Lowinger’s shares in sugar factory as security deposit; Deposit of Lowinger’s insurance bonds; yes
136E 1938 – 1944 Sugar factory Owners Union, National Union of Industrial Facilities Categories of factory workers; Sugar industry trade licenses; List of directors and board members Sopron Region, Kapuvar area Report of factory workers by categories; Report of intellectual workers with personal data; Trade license for various individuals and documentation in sugar refinery industry; List of directors and board members of Sugar Refinery in Petohaza and Nagycenk yes
136F 1939 National Union of Industrial Facilities Proof of Aryan origin for sugar factory employees; Documentation for licenses; Questionnaires for brokers; IDs for employers Sopron Region Mandatory presentation of proof of Aryan origin; Instructions to handle restrictions and/or elimination of Jewish employment; List of persons with licenses and their documentation; Questionnaires for Jewish brokers affiliated with sugar refineries; Mandatory presentation of identification documents for Employers yes
136G 1940 – 1944 National Union of Industrial Facilities – Sugar Refineries List of sales personnel; Documentation for Aryan origin; Sugar sales during 1942-43; Brokers’ commissions; Jewish brokers restricted; Brokers’ proof of Aryan origin Sopron Region List of sales personnel in sugar refinery; Documentation for Aryan origin of sugar refinery employees; List of persons during years 1942-43 in sugar sales and amount of sales; Payment of sales commissions to brokers; Restricting number of Jewish brokers (can’t exceed 12%); Brokers’ documentations for proof of origin; yes
136H 1940 Sugar Refineries, Mayor’s Office Engagement of sales brokers; Miksa Korein’s exemption; Some exemptions of Jewish brokers Sopron Region Correspondence and confidential reports re: engagement of sales brokers; Exemption from persecution of Miksa Korean; Jewish Brokers representing more companies are exempt from restrictions yes
137 1945 “Margit” Regional hospital in Csorna Documents in post war era re: patients from labor or concentration camps hospitalized and some death notes Sopron Region (Csorna) Admittance sheets for Jewish patients with various health problems received in the labor camps and related correspondence with death notifications to family members; Arrears for patients’ treatment expenses; D Documentation for Jewish female patients treated from various parts of the country (some coming from concentration camps) yes
137A 1944 Needle Factory, Silk Factory Documentation for employees origin; Employment regulations in war effort factories; Restrictions for Jewish labor camps; Food for Aryan workers only; dismissal of Jewish intellectual workers Sopron Region Mandatory documentation by employees of their origin; Regulations of employment, vacation and remuneration in factories for war efforts (in Csepel) and restrictions applicable to Jews delegated from labor camps; Starting two shifts and food supply for Aryan workers only; Dismissing Jewish intellectual workers; yes
137B 1944 – 1945 Factory of Silk Industry, Beer brewery in Gyor and Koszeg Jewish shareholders; Minutes of meeting in post-war era; Dismissed Jewish employees; Residences in ghetto’s territory and repair expenses; Divorce proceedings from Jewish spouse Sopron Region List of Jewish shareholders; Some accounting reports in post-war era; Official record of extraordinary meeting for shareholders in post-war era; Reporting names of some dismissed Jewish employees; Housing in Gyor on the territory of ghetto; Requested reimbursement of restoration expenses of homes occupied temporarily by ghetto residents; Request to speed divorce proceedings from Jewish spouse yes
137C 1944 Beer Brewery in various locations Reporting employee problems; Termination of Jewish employment Sopron Region Various employment problems and request for origin documentation; Dismissal of Jewish employees; yes
137D 1944 Coal Mining Directorate of Brennberg, Regional Postal Directorate Ban on employment; Radio confiscated, telephone lines restricted; Letters and parcels undelivered; Jewish owned building for postal services. Sopron Region Ban on employment of Jewish intellectual and physical workers; Radios from Jews; Restriction of telephone lines for Jews; Mail and parcels delivery addressed to evacuated Jews;; Usage of building owned by Jews for postal services; yes
137E 1944 Hungarian Bank of Commerce (Sopron), Central Monetary Institution Receipts for valuables; Jewish assets in safes deposited to Treasury Dept.; Vault key transfers; List of expropriated stocks Sopron Region Receipts for various valuables deposited by Jews; List of all sealed and deposited envelopes by Jews released to Treasury Department; Transfer of keys to vault; List of shares in various companies expropriated from Jews yes
137F 1944 Hungarian Bank of Commerce (Sopron), Central Monetary Institution List of expropriated bonds and stocks; Deposit of safes’ contents; Unpaid debts; Disputed ownership Sopron Region List of holdings of bonds and stocks by several Jews expropriated; Valuables found in safe deposit boxes rented by Jews removed and deposited in sealed envelopes; Reporting debts of evacuated Jews, like unpaid loans and collaterals; disputed ownership of expropriated valuables. yes
137G 1944 Hungarian Bank of Commerce Usage of Jewish real estate properties; Asset reports request; List of Jews without assets; Registration of Jews; Store confiscations; Store owners list Sopron Region- Szentes area Usage of confiscated Jewish real estate properties; Ordinance of land expropriation; Request to report all assets owned by Jews; List of Jews without assets in Szentes; Ordinance to register all Jews in the area (530 persons); Expropriation of all Jewish owned commercial establishments; List of Jewish store owners(947); yes
138 1944 Ministry of Transportation and Commerce Release of some merchandise; Appointment of Aryan managers; Text of decree for asset confiscations; Sales of perishables Csongrad Region – Szentes area ; Releasing items in closed Jewish stores owned by non-Jews; Managers appointed to stores needed for public interest; Decree and instruction of execution for closing and expropriating all Jewish commercial and industrial entities; Sale of perishable merchandise in closed stores; no
138A 1944 Ministry of Transportation and Commerce, Ministry of the Interior, Mayor’s Office Damaged equipment sale; Inventory of perishables; Radio distribution; Storage of confiscated valuables Csongrad Region – Szentes area ; Sale of store equipment damaged by bombing; Inventory of perishables in the store owned be Lajos Zisler; Distribution of radios confiscated from Jews; Deposit of funds derived from sale of confiscated merchandise; Storage of valuable items left by Jews deported; no
138B 1944 Regional Chief Granger, Taxation Office of Szentes, Mayor’s Office Organizing ghetto; Restriction of bath usage Work permits banned; Tax audit of Jewish stores; Radio requests Csongrad Region – Szentes area ; Ghetto organization; Restricted usage of public baths by Jews; Ban on issuing work permits to Jews; Request by Tax Office to open Jewish stores to perform audit; Requests for radio distribution; yes
138C 1944 Ministry of the Interior, Mayor’s Office Union of Hungarian Jews; Boy scouts using Jewish owned home; Request for personal belongings by Krausz; Request to move back to ghetto’s territory; Landed property distributions Csongrad Region – Szentes area ; Appointment of Committee for the Union of Hungarian Jews; Usage of Gyula Krausz’ summer home by boy scouts; Request by Krausz for his personal belongings; Request by persons from the ghetto’s territory to be moved back to their homes after the Jews were evacuated; Distribution of land properties confiscated from Jews; yes
138D 1943 – 1944 Ministry of the Interior, Mayor’s Office Sale of land under 5 acres; Property expropriation by the Union of Public Welfare; Pawn shop tickets confiscated Csongrad Region – Szentes area ; Report requested of landed properties under 5 acres owned by Jews and sale by public competition; Expropriation of properties on the border line of the city distributing them to the Union of Public Welfare; Expropriation of Pawn shop tickets in Jewish possession. yes
138E 1944 Mayor’s Office, Regional Treasury Hardware store inventory; Asset inventory taken by military; Deposit of sales proceeds Csongrad Region – Szentes area ; Invoice listing materials taken by the Regional Engineering Dept. from Sandor Guns hardware store; Inventory of items released from confiscated Jewish owned assets to the German and Hungarian military forces; Instruction for depositing funds derived from sale of Jewish assets; yes
138F 1944 Treasury Dept. of Szeged, Ministry of Industrial Affairs Handling instructions for asset distribution; Reporting Jewish industrialists; Textile sale suspended Csongrad Region – Szentes area ; Handling Instruction for distribution of various objects to the German military from confiscated Jewish assets; Requested report of Jewish industrialists in the Region; Removal of items from Lipot Svab without receipt; Suspending sale of certain textile items from confiscated Jewish stores; yes
138G 1940 – 1944 Mayor’s Office, Ministry of Transportation and Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture Revoked trade licenses; Apiary distribution; Private rail roads; List of beneficiaries of land distribution; Land distribution dispute Csongrad Region – Szentes, Szeged area ; Candy, soap, flour sale trade licenses revoked and issued; List of Jewish industrialists in Szentes; Receiving and sale of Jewish confiscated assets; Distribution of apiaries; Revoking all trade licenses from Jews; Rules to handle private industrial rail lines left from Jews; Expropriation of land from Jews and distribution (list of beneficiaries); Disputed land distribution owned by Dr. Andor Kun yes
138H 1944 Mayor’s Office Store distributions; Household item distributions; Usage of evacuated residences; Sale announcement; Reported weapons confiscated; Deposit of sale proceeds Csongrad Region – Szentes, Szeged area ; Requests and distribution of former Jewish stores; Furniture and household items left by Jews distributed to the military and student dormitories; Usage of evacuated Jewish residencies for public services; Announcement for sale of merchandise from closed Jewish stores; Reports of weapons expropriated from Jews; Deposit of proceeds from goods sold; no
138I 1944 Minister of the Interior Minister of the Interior and Mayor’s Office, Ministry of Commerce Decree for surveillance of Jews and placing them into Ghetto; Confiscated residences; Ban on jobs in public service; Jewish assets reported; Weaponry permits revoked; Curtailed activities in industry and commerce Csongrad Region – Szentes, Szeged area ; Ministerial right to issue final approval to put Jews under police surveillance; decree for placing Jews into ghettos; Requisition of evacuated Jewish residences; dismissal of Jews from public service; Request to report assets owned by Jews; Withdrawal of permits for weaponry; Further restrictions in curtailing Jews in industrial and commercial activities. no
138J 1944 Minister of the Interior, Mayor’s Office, Regional Authorities Travel restrictions; Prohibited usage of public bath; Report of transfer to ghetto; Acquisition of real estate properties; List of evacuated residencies; Jewish Organization pamphlet; Dissolving organizations; Administration documents of Chevra Kadisha. Csongrad Region – Szentes, Szeged area ; Ordinance of travel restrictions for Jews; Prohibiting the use of public baths by Jews; Reporting successful transfer of 230 Jews into ghetto; Jewish real estate properties to be acquisitioned by the regional authorities; List of evacuated Jewish residencies; Dissolving all Jewish organizations; Pamphlet describing rules of some Jewish Organizations; Purchase and sale contracts for locations of Chevra Kadisha with detailed inventories; Accounting ledger pages. yes
138K 1944 Ministry of the Interior Agriculture, County Chief Granger Control of wearing the Jewish star and internments; List of usage of evacuated residencies; Sale of perishables; Appointment of Committee members Csongrad Region – Szentes, Szeged area ; Control of proper display for the Jewish Star and violators proposed for internment; List and usage of evacuated Jewish residences; Sale of perishable merchandise in closed Jewish stores; Appointment of temporary Committee to the Union of Hungarian Jews; yes
138L 1944 Ministry of the Interior and Mayor’s Office, Local Police Dept., Local Authorities Inventory of confiscated medical equipment and materials; Handling confiscated radios; List of Jew in smaller communities; Reduced food rations; Complains recorded by the Police; Transfers to ghetto in Mindszent) Csongrad Region – Minfszent, Hodmezovasar area Sequestration of pharmaceutical and medical materials and equipment with inventory; Handling instructions for confiscated radios; List of Jews living in various smaller communities in the region; Regulations for alimentation of Jews( reduced rations); Various complaints recorded by the police; Placing Jews into ghetto to nearby communities (Mindszent) yes
138M 1944 Local Authorities, Ministry of the Interior, District Gendarmes Requests for confiscated items; Ban on travel; Raid to capture hiding foreigners; Internments; Private rail road permits cancellation; Asset requests by German troops. Csongrad Region – Minfszent area Requests for various articles confiscated from Jews(e.g. bicycles, typewriters) Complete ban on travel for Jews; Raids recommended to capture and arrest foreign Jews hiding in Hungary; Internment of Jews with foreign citizenship; Cancellation of private rail road permits issued originally to Jews; Procedure to handle request by German troops for expropriated Jewish assets. yes
138N 1944 Local Authorities List and transfer of land ownership; Asset requests by German Military Units; Illegal removal of confiscated art; Usage of evacuated residencies; Persecution exemption requested; Jews in agriculture Csongrad Region , Szentes area Land in Jewish ownership listed and transferred to Regional ownership; German military unit requests usage of Jewish assets; Illegal removal of paintings owned previously by Lipot Svab; Usage of evacuated Jewish residencies; Request to exempt Janos Ujhelyi from persecution; Usage of Jews in agricultural jobs; yes
138O 1944 Ministry of the Interior Reporting foreign Jews or with dubious citizenship Csongrad Region – Minfszent area Reporting foreign Jews or with dubious citizenship (Dr. Nathan Steiner) yes
139 1944 Mayor’s Office, County Granger Usage of evacuated residencies; Revoked trade licenses; Manager appointments; Bakery inventory; War aid; Trade licenses requested; Lajos Steiner’s offender. Tolna Region Szekszard area Usage of evacuated Jewish residencies; Trade licenses withdrawn; Appointment of Aryan managers; Inventory of bakery equipment (Erdos); Request for war aid; Requests for trade licenses by Aryans to conduct business in confiscated Jewish establishments; Minor offense of Lajos Steiner; yes
139A 1944 Mayor’s Office’ Ministry of the Interior, Regional Court Managers appointed; Print shop closing; Dissolution of Jewish organizations; Appointment of guardians for assets handling; Proof of origins requested; Jewish Registrar confiscated; Inventory of Jewish residencies. Tolna Region Szekszard, Bonyhad area Appointments of Aryan managers to expropriated Jewish stores; Closing of print shop owned by Sandor Kaszas; Dissolution of Jewish organizations; Appointment of guardians to handle assets of all Jews from Szekszard; Proof of origin requested from paprika producers; Mandatory delivery of all Jewish school and birth, marriage and death registrar; Order to inventory evacuated Jewish residencies. yes
139B 1944 Treasury Department of Szekszard, Mayor’s Office Residencies used for confiscated furniture; Auctions; Dairy reorganization; Radio distribution; Sales proceeds deposited; Odon Pajor’s assets stored; Request for furniture Tolna Region Szekszard area Designated former Jewish residencies to be used for storing confiscated furniture; Auctioning of 4 pigs and one goat confiscated from Jews; Reorganization of dairy commerce; Confiscated radio distribution; Deposit of proceeds from sale of Jewish assets; Assets of Odon Pajor’s stored in brick factory; Request by Aryans for confiscated furniture yes
139C 1944 Mayor’s Office, Regional Court, Ministry of Industry Housing requests; Guardians appointed; Request for confiscated stores; Industries owned by Jews reported; Mrs. Erdos Nandor’s baking plant. Tolna Region Szekszard area Requests and distribution of evacuated Jewish residencies; Continued appointments of guardians for handling Jewish assets; Requests for evacuated store locations; Report of industrial establishments formerly owned by Jews(56); Appointment of manager for baking plant owned formerly by Mrs. Nandor Erdos. yes
139D 1944 Mayor’s Office, Regional Treasury Department Industrial permits revoked; Household items requested; Managers appointed to Jewish establishments; Debt collection from deported Jews. Tolna Region Szekszard area Termination of permits for Jews to conduct industrial activities (List of persons); Request for household items taken from Jews to bombardment victims; Appointment of managers to confiscated Jewish commercial and industrial establishments; Collection of debts from evacuated and/or deported Jews. yes
139E 1944 Mayor’s Office, Ministry of Agriculture Requests for furniture transport; Requests for gardening supplies; List of some expropriated properties; Heating materials distributed. Tolna Region Szekszard area Request for vehicles to transport furniture theft from deported Jews; Requests for former Jewish residencies; Request for Jewish assets by city’s gardening department; Expropriation of real estate properties from Jews and list of owners; Distribution of coal and firewood left from Jews; yes
139F 1944 Mayor’s Office, Regional Treasury Department Jewish asset distribution to refugees; Tax arrears of deported Jews; Erdos baking plant’s inventory; Merchandise in lumberyard; War aid; Closing of industrial facilities; List of war victims’ families. Tolna Region Szekszard area Distribution of assets left from Jews to refugees (with inventory); Records of tax arrears by deported Jewish tax payers; Inventory of linen in “Erdos” baking plant; Removal of ban on confiscated merchandise from lumber yard;; War aid of Laszlo Steiner; List of industrial facilities to be closed owned by Jews; List of war-widows, handicapped veterans and families. yes
140 1944 Regional Court, Mayor’s Office Appointment of guardians; Accounting for assets; Guardian replacement; Air raid shelters’ inventory; Confiscated coal usage Tolna Region Szekszard area Appointment of guardians for expropriated Jewish assets; List of assets and accounting; Replacement of guardian of Joseph Pirnitzer’s assets; Equipment inventory of air raid shelter; Usage of coal by the military expropriated from Pirnitzer; yes
141 1944 Regional Court, Mayor’s Office, County Chief Granger Appointment of guardians for confiscated assets; Accounting; List of real estate properties expropriated; Sandor Spitzer working outside ghetto; Aryans evacuated from ghetto’s area; Requests for residences Tolna Region Szekszard, Dombovar area Appointment of guardians for expropriated assets from Jew in Ghetto or deported; List of assets and accounting; List of abandoned/expropriated real estate properties owned by Jews (133 owners in Szekszard); Sandor Spitzer from ghetto ordered to mechanical job; Evacuation of Aryans from ghetto’s territory; Residence requests and distributions. yes
141A 1944 Ministry of the Interior, Local Authorities, Ministry of Defense Illegal pamphlets; Flour rations during Passover; Service for air raid safety and assigning physicians; Landed property usage; Tax arrears from Jewish owned commerce. Tolna Region Dombovar area Ordinance to confiscate all illegally circulated pamphlets; Rules to handle flour ration tickets for Jews during Easter; Assuring official service for air raid safety and health in Dombovar and designating Jewish physicians; Usage of landed properties expropriated from Jews; Payment request for tax arrears of closed Jewish commercial establishments. yes
141B 1944 County Chief Granger Sequestration of lumber stocks and equipment; Locating illegally residing foreign Jews; Rules to follow in handling radio confiscation from Jews Tolna Region Dombovar area Requested exemption certificate for Ferenc Fein; Sequestration of lumber stocks from Jewish merchants and appointment of Aryan manager; Inventory of merchandise in lumberyard and brick factory; Locating illegally residing foreign Jews; Rules to follow in handling radio confiscation from Jews; List of radio owners in Dombovar. yes
141C 1944 Local Authorities Reporting number of Jews; Exemption request; Public Services requesting Jewish assets; Travel permits; War aids; Appointment of guardians to industry and commerce. Tolna Region Dombovar area Reporting number of Jewish persons living in Dombovar(622); Request by Istvan Demeter for exemption from persecution laws; Request for radios, typewriters and bicycles by local public service; Request for travel permit; War-aid to Mrs. Oszkar Steiner; Appointment of managers to expropriated industrial and commercial establishments; yes
141D 1944 Treasury Dept. and Regional Authorities Sale of confiscated merchandise; List of closed enterprises; List of needed reopening; Request for sale of confiscated clothing; Medical equipment inventory; Requests for residencies. Tolna Region Dombovar area Sale of merchandise and equipment from closed Jewish stores; List of closed Jewish enterprises(57); List of Jewish owned stores and industries needed to be operational(16); Request to sell local clothing, shoes and textile from closed Jewish stores (denied); Inventory of medical equipment from Jewish physicians; Residence requests; yes
141E 1944 County Chief Granger Dogs given to Gendarmes; Levente organization receiving real estate properties; Jewish workers from ghetto requested for various jobs; Housing requests; Storage of confiscated assets Tolna Region Dombovar area Usage of dogs left from Jews by Gendarmes; Usage of Jewish real estate properties by Levente Youth organization; Request for Jewish workers living in ghetto for agricultural and mechanical jobs (naming persons requested); Various housing requests; List of 10 Jewish residencies designated to store confiscated assets. yes
141F 1944 County Chief Granger Shopping time restrictions; Keeping pigs formerly owned by Jews; Ice distributed; List of Jewish home owners Tolna Region Dombovar area Restricted time allotment for Jews to shop; Keeping pigs owned by Jews; Ice left from Jewish butcher distributed; List of Jewish homeowners (54 names). yes
142 1944 County Chief Granger, Treasury Department Housing distribution; Jewish residences used by public services; Sale of confiscated perishables; Storage of walnuts; Usage of confiscated stores by bombing victims Tolna Region, Dombovar, and Szekszard area Housing distribution; Listing and usage of Jewish residencies for public services; Sale of perishable merchandise in closed Jewish stores; Storage of 26 sacks of walnut from Imre Kaiser; Usage of closed Jewish stores for Aryan bomb-victim store owners. yes
142A 1944 County Chief Granger, Ministry of Agriculture Transport of confiscated items; Jewish Registrar removed; Revoked hunting permits; War aid revision; Storage of confiscated assets; Sales’ proceeds deposited; Decree applicable to mixed marriages; Inventory in ghetto for items left after evacuation Tolna Region, Dombovar, and Szekszard area Transportation of items left by deported Jews; Removal of Jewish registrar; Hunting licenses revoked from Jews; Sale of animals confiscated from Jews; Revision of war-aid to Jews; Storage of tangible assets left from Jews; Deposit of sales proceeds; Decree to resolve problems of spouses from mixed marriages of persons from Dombovar; Inventory of items in evacuated ghettos. yes
142B 1944 Regional Court, Ministry of Commerce Guardians appointed for asset handling; Sale and deposit of proceeds from produce; Sales suspended for certain items; Report requested for Jewish owned real estate properties; Expense reimbursement requested Tolna Region, Dombovar, and Szekszard area Appointment of guardians for handling assets of deported Jews; Sale of produce from abandoned gardens of deported Jews and deposit of proceeds; Suspension of sales of some highly sought confiscated merchandise; Report requested for field and forest real estate properties owned by Jews; Requests for expense reimbursement connected with usage of Aryan residencies in the ghetto. yes
142C 1944 County Chief Granger, Treasury Dept. of Szekszard, Ministry of Industry Distributions of confiscated assets to the needy; Handling and sale of animals; Household items to bombing victims; Jewish industry owners; Misdemeanor in public health; Housing requests; Surveillance of ghetto; Funds requested for house repair Tolna Region, Dombovar area Usage of Jewish assets to aid poverty stricken people; Handling confiscated animals and/or sales; Requests and distributions of household items to victims of bombardment; List of Jewish owners of industrial plants(31);Dr. Lipot Barany’s misdemeanor in public health; Housing requests; Night surveillance of evacuated ghetto; Requests of funds to repair residencies used by Jews in ghetto and highly damaged. yes
142D 1944 County Chief Granger, Treasury Department of Szekszard Lumberyard taken by the German military; Guardians appointed for assets handling; Storages sealed; List of Jewish store owners; Housing requests; Household items distributed; Radio distribution; Tax arrears; Residences used by Gendarmes Tolna Region, Dombovar area Transfer of Austerlitz lumberyard to German Armed Forces; Appointment of guardians to handle assets of deported Jews(95 persons); Sealing of storage facilities containing confiscated Jewish assets; List of Jewish store owners in Dombovar; Housing requests; Distribution of household items to victims of bombardment; Radio distribution; Tax arrears of deported Jews; Usage by Gendarmes former Jewish residencies. yes
142E 1944 Local Authorities, County Chief Granger Household goods distribution; Return of confiscated clothing requested; Law practice terminated; Illegally removed objects from Ghetto; Items left by Jews released to Russian command Tolna Region, Dombovar area Distribution of household goods to refugees; Miklos Spitzer requesting his own clothing confiscated by local authorities; Law practice of Dr. Miklos Balogh terminated; Appeal to public to return all illegally removed objects from the ghetto; Releasing objects left from Jews to Russian Command; yes
142F 1944 Mayor’s Office, Ministry of the Interior Fund collection to aid Jews in labor camp; Draft of Jews to labor camp; Lumberyard stocks blocked; Jewish Congregation dissolved by German SS; Representative of Jewish Council; Exemption from persecution requested Sopron Request by the Jewish Congregation of permit for collection of fund to aid Jews in labor camps; General draft of Jewish males for labor camp with some exemptions; Blocking stocks of Jewish lumberyard owners; German SS Officer dissolves Jewish Congregation and entitles Zsigmond Rosenheim to represent the Jewish Council; Request to be exempt from persecution (Istvan Gergely); yes
142G 1944 Police Headquarters, Minister of the Interior Control of displaying the yellow star; Request for exemption with documentation; Jews banned from public service; Proof of Aryan origin requested; List of merchandise distributed to German Commando; Books removed from libraries Sopron Control of proper displaying the Jewish yellow star; Requests for persecution exemption with documentation; Ban on Jewish employment in public service; Requested proof of origin for public servants; Lists of merchandise distributed to the German Security Commando from Jewish stores; Removal of books authored by Jews from public libraries; yes
142H 1944 Mayor’s Office, Minister of the Interior Jewish organizations dissolved; Jews from labor camp employed in public works; Usage of synagogues; Revoked hunting permits; Orsolya school requests Jewish owned building; Transport cost to ghetto paid Sopron Dissolution of all Jewish organizations; Usage of Jews from labor camps tin public works; Usage of demolished buildings from places of worship left by Jews; Hunting licenses revoked from Jews; School maintained by “Orsolya” priory requesting evacuated buildings owned by Jews; Payment for transportation of Jews to ghetto. no
142I 1944 Minister of the Interior, Police headquarters, Mayor’s Office Financing the Institution to research the Jewish problem; Proof of Aryan origin requested; Usage by the city if real estate properties; School used by military; German troops using Jewish residencies Sopron Appeal to give moral and financial support to the Institution for researching the Jewish problem; Regional and urban clerical employees requested for proof of Aryan origin; Usage by the city evacuated Jewish real estate; Usage of school buildings for military hospitals; Usage by German Troops former Jewish stores and residencies; yes
142J 1944 – 1945 Mayor’s Office, Military Defense Forces Usage of abandoned bakeries; Evacuated buildings used by German Military; Household goods distributed; Disputed usage of Jewish assets; Disputed usage of assets; Military occupies brick factory; Jews from labor camp in public work; Safeguarding certain books Sopron Request for usage of abandoned Jewish bakeries; Evacuated Jewish owned buildings used for German military units; Distribution of household good left by Jews to military Commandos; Dispute over usage of Jewish assets; Military armed forces occupying brick factories; 20 Jews from labor camp delegated to public work; Safeguarding selected books expropriated from Jews; yes
142K 1943 – 1945 Mayor’s Office, Various educational institutions Custodians handling assets in post-war era; Jewish Union founded; Post-war era statistics; Enrollment restrictions in schools; Text of law for persecution Sopron, Szombathely Post war appointment of custodians for handling Jewish assets; Formation of the Jewish Union; Function of Committee for helping Jews returning from deportation and labor camp; Statistics about the population of the city in post war era; Restricted enrollment of Jewish students into schools; Text of law determining who is considered Jewish; yes
142L 1943 – 1944 Ministry of Agriculture and Justice, Archives of Dr. Bernat Fischmann Attorney Expropriation of field and forestry and real estate properties with equipment; Handling instructions for expropriated land; Typewriters distributed; Land confiscation; Court decisions in ownership dispute Sopron, Szombathely area Control of field and forest husbandry and expropriation from Jews; Same for real estate properties and equipment; Instructions to handle technical work needed in expropriated field and land; Distribution of confiscated typewriters; Land confiscation from Mr. Krausz and Mrs. Stern; Various Court decisions in land ownership disputes yes
143 1944 Hungarian National Museum Inspectorate, Ministry of Treasury Art collections: receipts, listings; Circular and handling instructions for expropriated Jewish assets; Rare book collection confiscated Northern Hungary (Kassa, Munkacs); Bekes, Szolnok region List of collections by cities; Receipt and list of art objects received from National Safety Committee and from residence of Aladar Mautner; Circular and instructions to handle expropriated Jewish assets, stores, real estate properties; Art collection report from various Jewish individuals; Library of 9000 rare books confiscated from Mrs. Izidor Knor; Appointment of Trustees. yes
143A 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Treasury Dept., Museum of Fine Art Art collections: disputes, discovery, reports, correspondence and some inventories of art objects and valuable furnishings Entire Country Dispute about Dr. Emil Delmar’s art collection shipped to Bern; Expropriation of Gyula Wolfner’s residence with furnishing and art objects; List of oriental rugs confiscated from Jews; Art objects reported and confiscated , discovery in progress; Various correspondence and reports involving art objects taken from Jews; Some inventories of art objects. yes
143B 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Treasury Dept., Museum of Fine Art, Ministry of Education Library expropriation; Government deputies reporting art objects collected and inventories Entire Country; (Eger, Budapest, Hatvan) Expropriation of library owned by Dr., Frigyes Fellner; Report from government deputies about art objects collected from Jewish residences; Inventories of confiscated art objects from various Jews (Mrs. J. Csetenyi, Edit Hoffmann, Ilona Nagy; Inventory of 12 boxes in Eger containing confiscated art objects owned by deported Jews; Boxes containing paintings and various art pieces owned by the family of baron Hatvany. yes
143C 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Art object collections: inventories, disputes; Expropriation of entire library; Paintings transferred by Luftwaffe Entire Country Art objects inventoried in the residencies of evacuated Jews( All in Budapest); 17 swords in estate of Karoly Denes disputed; Expropriation and inventory of 4500books from Endre Gaspar (Budapest); 71 pieces of art objects removed from residence of Vilmos Szilard; Several paintings transferred by the German Luftwaffe from homes occupied by their troops; yes
143D 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Books and art objects expropriated; Safe deposits in banks opened Entire Country; Budapest Several boxes of books removed from former residency of Bernat Gaspar; Safe deposit boxes in banks, rented by Jews opened;15 highly valued small paintings found and removed from box rented by Mrs. Aurel Dobay; Expropriation and removal of 78 paintings and some art objects from residence of art historian Dr. Bela Lazar yes
143E 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Estates and castles listed; African and Asian art collections; Storage problems Budapest, Veszprem Region, Szekesfehervar area List of estates and castles owned by Jews; Request to urgent confiscation of the Kepes collection; Collection of Oscar Hollos; Correspondence to move Asian collection to Hopp Museum; African collection in residence of Dr. Peter Goldschmied owned by Dr. Laszlo Gyorkovacs; Report listing castles and manors owned by Jews in the region; Storage problems for confiscated art objects not qualifying for museum display;
143F 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Art collections: receipts. Appeal by Museum from Cluj to retain collections expropriated. Appointment of government agents Budapest and vicinity; Kolzsvar (Cluj) Receipt for paintings and art objects removed from residence of Dr. Mihaly Vadasz; Same from Hugo Vertes; Same Andras Gompecz; Same Aladar Kaszab; Same Mrs. Gyula Goldberger; Same Mrs. Karoly Reti; Appeal by the Management of the Transylvanian Museum of Art (Cluj) to retain all expropriated art works from Jews; Appointment of Government Agent to Bekes Region yes
143G 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Art and valuable book collections: expropriation, listings, handling instructions, transfer to local museums; Hidden artifacts Bekes Region, Budapest Expropriation of the Knor library (from Gyoma); Transfer of art objects taken from Jews to local museums; Inventory of paintings removed from residence of Arthur Reisner; Same of library from Mrs. Simon Medgyes; Search for hidden artifacts derived from Jews; Confiscation of library owned by Andras Elek; Request to transfer confiscated artifacts from Jews in Szekely territories to National Szekely Museum yes
143H 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art, National Szekely Museum Art collections: correspondence and reports, inventories; Damages by bombardments Szekelyfold (Transylvania), Budapest, Rimaszombat (Gomor Region) Debrecen Reports and correspondence about inventories of artifacts in evacuated Jewish residences; Artifacts inventoried in residence of Mrs. Sandor Svab (nee baron Iren Cesti Herzog) damaged by bombardment, later removed; Reporting artifacts left from Jews in Rimaszombat area – list of Jewish owners; Inventory of paintings confiscated from Jewish owners in Debrecen yes
143I 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Art collections: lists, paintings and books, handling instructions; Usage of teachers for inventories; Artifacts auctioned Ungvar, Kassa; List of paintings collected from Jewish residences(213 pieces); Expense reimbursement requested by persons involved in collection of artifacts; Proposal how to handle collection of books and artifacts expropriated from Jews; Usage of teachers to inventory artifacts from Jews; Auctioning artifacts of Ede Frankl &Co; List of expropriated object expropriated from residence of Nandor Erdos yes
143J 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Art collections: lists, (minerals, violins, books); Appointments of officials and correspondence; Handling instructions Various locations in the whole country List of expropriated artifacts from castle of Dr. Kornfeld; Reporting 2 valuable violins found in evacuated Jewish residencies; (Stradivarius): List of artifacts, mineral collections (899 objects) and books expropriated from Miklos Wieser’s residence; Correspondence re: appointments of government officials to handle expropriated artifacts from Jews yes
143K 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Art collections: inventories, storage of silver box, paintings shipped to Germany. Disputed ownership; Reports and correspondence Various locations in the whole country Reporting 4 paintings from Jeno Weiss Csepel to be shipped to Germany; Inventory of art collection from Jeno Wolf; Storage of silver box from Sandor Littmann; Disputed ownership of antiquity collection of Jeno Lazar (Celldomolk); Reports and correspondence re: organization, handling and status of expropriated art collections; Expropriation of Dr. Pal Gardony’s collection (Losonc) yes
143L 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Art collections: inventories (hundreds of items), improper storage, hidden artifacts; Rugs auctioned; Preservation efforts Various locations in the whole country Artifacts confiscated from Imre Sazher, Arpad Rabin and Mrs. Aladar Wohl (Losonc area); Reporting improper storage of Jewish artifacts; Discovered 26 boxes of artifacts hidden by Dr. Pal Gardony (Losonc-Gacs); Auction of rugs from Ede Frankl (Leva)Reports from all regions regarding art collection inventories. Preservation efforts and storage. List of artifacts from Szeged expropriated from Jews classified by value several hundreds of items) yes
144 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Art collections: lists by categories, inventories; Artifacts transfer to various museums Various locations in the whole country List of artifacts expropriated from Jews by category (Szeged); Reporting castles owned by Jews in various parts of the country(mainly South-West); Paintings from Dr. Kornfeld transferred to Museum of Art; Dr. Miklos Suranyi’s furniture transferred for Museum of arts and crafts with inventory;
144A 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Art collections: paintings, books and furniture inventoried and transferred to Budapest; Minutes prepared re: transfer of most valuable pieces Various locations in the whole country Baron Hatvany’s artifacts and furniture inventoried and sent to Budapest; ;Valuable book collection of Mrs. Simon Medgyes(4000 books); Hundreds of paintings and other artifacts collected from Jews at various locations with inventory, sent to the museums; Minutes prepared for transfer to the museum of art valuable paintings expropriated from the families of Manfred Weisz, Mautner and Kornfeld. yes
144B 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Art collections: storage and transfer to museums in the capital; Collections found by the Military Command. Transport by automobiles Hungary (mainly Budapest) Report of artifacts found in various residences of evacuated Jews – expropriated and sent to Museum of Art (inventories); Correspondence for automobile usage to collect and transport expropriated artifacts; Storage of artifacts before transfer to local museums or to Budapest; Art collections from Jews found by the Carpathian Military Command; yes
144C 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art, Museum of Natural Sciences Art collections: Appointment of commissioners, preservation problems, inventories; Local authorities request collections Hungary (Northern Hungary and Zala regions) Appointments of Commissioners to handle artifacts and books expropriated from Jews; Problems in preservation of artifacts in Jewish residencies occupied by German military personnel; Inventories of paintings confiscated (Rimaszombat); Reports by the appointed Commissioners for handling artifacts from Jews; Art collection inventory of Baron Istvan Herzog; Association of Gocs requesting artifacts from Jewish collections. yes
144D 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art, Ethnographical Museum Art collections: disputed book collection, artifact transfers; Antique Torahs, inventories, damages by bombardments Bihar and Somogy Region and Pecs Disputed confiscated valuable books in Sopron; African collection of Dr. Laszlo Gyor-Kovacs transferred to Ethnographical museum; Questioned transfer of Torahs found in Oradea- some considered antique artifact; Jewish confiscated artifacts placed in Synagogue of Oradea; Inventory of collected Jews owned artifacts in Pecs; Numerous artifacts (mainly paintings )from the Kunffy family inventoried; Some of the Herzog collections damaged by bombardment. yes
144E 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art, Museum of Arts and Crafts Art Collections: Receipts for jewelry, books and antique furniture; Castles and manors reported; Perlmutter paintings Various locations in the whole country Receipt for the jewelry from the Herczog collection; Also requesting transfer of the Kaldi and Wolfner textile collections; Receipt for antique furniture from the Herzog collection; Report of castles and manors owned by Jews in Gomor Region; Inventory of confiscated artifacts in Muraszombat; Inventory and receipt of 169 books from Daniel Arany(Budapest); Princess Ali Ahmed Mirza requests the release of Perlmutter paintings yes
144F 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Transfer of ‘Balaton Collection”; Inventory of collected paintings from Baja; List of painting from Szeged Museum; List of paintings collected from Ungvar; Rugs and silver from Kecskemet transferred; Commissioners reports Various locations in the whole country Confiscation and transfer of the “Balaton Collection” from Dezso Bano; Inventory of hundreds of artifacts expropriated from Jews in Baja area; List of painting(270) from museum of Szeged; List of oil paintings confiscated from Jews in Ungvar area; Collected rugs and silver objects in Kecskemet area transferred to Budapest; Reports by the appointed commissioners about collecting artifacts expropriated from Jews in various locations. yes
144G 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Art collections: Reports by Commissioners; List of books and artifacts from Fleischl; Complete list of books stored at Lendvay Street, Budapest; Dr. Stein requesting exemption; List of paintings collected in Budapest, Hajduboszormeny, Tata Various locations in the whole country Commissioners reporting collected artifacts from various locations; List of artifacts and books from Sandor Fleischl sent to Museum of Art; Complete list of books found in the villa at Lendvay street No 17 Budapest (several hundreds); Dr. Emil Stein (Budapest) requesting exemption from persecution laws; List of paintings confiscated from Jews in Budapest, Hajduboszormeny, Tata, some transported to Museum of Art; yes
144H 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Confiscated collection of musical instruments and artifacts from some affluent Jews Various locations in the whole country Confiscated collection of musical instruments from Mihaly Remenyi (Budapest); Reporting storage locations of artifacts owned by Baron Gyorgy an Andor Ullmann; Reporting expropriation of artifacts from some affluent Jews (Budapest, Celldomolk); Reporting 2 valuable gold medals owned by Dr. Sandor Koranyi; List of artifacts confiscated from various residences owned by Jews; yes
144J 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art H. Friedmann delegated to take inventory of artifacts; List of collections; Reporting valuable collections from residences in Gyor area. Appointments and resignations of some commissioners Various locations in the whole country Hugo Friedmann from labor camp delegated to help in collecting and inventory artifacts confiscated from Jews; List of artifacts confiscated from various residences owned by Jews (several hundreds); Report of valuable artifacts collected from residences of affluent Jews in Gyor area, like antique books, engravings, extensive libraries(20 thousand books and list of authors; Appointments and resignations of commissioners; yes
144K 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Bookbinding equipment from Sandor Roth; Commissioners activities in evacuated ghettos; Collection of Erwin Hecht; Artifacts transfer to Budapest Museum; Religious objects from Nagykanizsa Various locations in the whole country Request by the Szekely museum for bookbinding equipment owned by Sandor Roth (Sepsiszentgyorgy); Commissioners’ activities in the evacuated ghettos (Szekszard, Kaposvar); Activity reports from various locations; Reporting collection of Ervin Hecht; Lists of artifacts collected from various locations transferred to Museum of Art; Expropriation of religious objects from Jewish congregation (Nagykanizsa). yes
144L 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Ceramics from Dr. I Stern; Sopron library requests books; Expense reports for handling collections; Storage of artifacts in Szabadka; J. Engel’s collection transferred to Museum Various locations in the whole country Ceramics expropriated from Dr. Istvan Stein; Library of Sopron requesting books confiscated from Jews; Reporting expenses for inventory, transportation and collation of confiscated artifacts from Jews; Storage of confiscated artifacts (Szabadka area); List of collected paintings in Szekesfehervar; List of paintings owned by Joseph Engel sent to Museum of Art. yes
145 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art, Military Museum Artifacts of Andras Novak; Transferred artifacts to Military Museum; Expense report; Collections from Oradea; Commissioners appointed; Inventory and transfer of collections from Baroness Hatvany; List of collected rifles Various locations in the whole country Artifacts sequestration from Andras Novak (Budapest); List of artifacts transferred to Military museum; Allocation of funds for expenses with collecting Jewish artifacts(80 thousands pengo); List of paintings collected from Jews in Oradea (Ullmann, Klocusitzky palaces and in Varady Zsigmond street 46(several hundreds); Appointments of Commissioners; Expense reports; Inventory of artifacts confiscated from Mrs. Baron Hatvani Karoly Deutsch transferred to Museum of Art; List of rifles confiscated from Jews yes
145A 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Collection list from Baja and Zombor area. Artifacts stored in castle on Vamosbatog; Commissioners reports; Books from Zionist organization in Szeged; Musical instruments transferred to Budapest; Collection from Hodmezovassarhely listed Various locations in the whole country List of collected artifacts from evacuated Jewish residences in Baja, Zombor area; List of artifacts stored in the castle of Vamosbalog; Appointment of Commissioners and their reports for collecting artifacts confiscated from Jews; List of books transferred from the Zionist organization of Szeged to the city’s library; List of confiscated musical instruments transported to Museum of art; List of collected artifacts in Hodmezovassarhely yes
145B 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Expense reports; 4000 books collected from Z. Kallos; Dobays demanding return of their artifacts; Library in Des requesting books; Expenses for moving artifacts Various locations in the whole country Expense report and payments of Commissioners; Sequestration of 4000 books from Dr. Zsigmond Kallos in Budapest; Reports of Commissioners; Dr. and Mrs. Aurel Dobay requesting return of their confiscated artifacts as Swedish citizens and exemption of wearing the yellow star;” Library in motion” from Des requesting books confiscated from Jews; Expense for moving collected artifacts to other locations; yes
145C 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Transfer of library from A. Lakatos; Inventory of Sandor Sajo’s collections; Painting transfer to Art Museum; Collection report from Sopron Ghetto; Collections in Szombathely; Disputed collections from Baron F. Hatvany Various locations in the whole country Transferring library confiscated from Andras Lakatos to Museum of Art; Inventory of artifacts expropriated from Sandor Sajo (Budapest); List of paintings from Department of Treasury transferred to Museum of Art; Reporting from Sopron the collection of various artifacts from Jews evacuated into ghettos; List of artifacts collected in Szombathely; Dispute about contents of boxes with paintings confiscated from Baron Ferenc Hatvany; yes
145D 194- Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Auctions proposed; Collections in Gyor reported; Artifacts of J. Pecsi transferred; Disputed artifacts of Irene Csetei Herzog; Artifacts of M.Boros transported Various locations in the whole country Proposed auctioning of expropriated artifacts with lower values because of limited storage space; Reporting list and storage of artifacts by categories collected in Gyor; Listed Artifacts of Joseph Pecsi (exempt from persecution) transferred to the Museum of Art; Dispute about artifacts confiscated from baroness Csetei Iren Herzog and taken by the members of the Arrow Party; List of artifacts confiscated from Mihaly Boros (Budapest) and transported to the Museum of Art yes
145E 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art Inventory of collections from Budapest transferred to Museum; Illegal removal of artifacts from residences; Illegal deportation of scientist L Fejer and burning manuscript; Collections in Gyor; List of artifacts in Herzog palace Various locations in the whole country Inventory of artifacts confiscated from Jews in Budapest, transferred to the Museum of Art; Unidentified persons removing artifacts from residences of evacuated Jews (Budapest) Illegal deportation of scientist Lipot Fejer confiscating content of home and trying to burn valuable scientific manuscript; List of collected artifacts in Gyor; List of artifacts collected from various Jewish evacuated residences; List of artifacts in the palace Herzog – including jewelry and antique furniture (527 objects) yes
145F 1944 Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Art List of Herzog’s artifacts and transfer; Collections in Baja Various locations in the whole country List of artifacts transferred from Herzog (Svab) palace to Museum of Art; List of artifacts collected in Baja from various Jewish owners; yes



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