Book & Artifact Donations

book, artifact, document, or photograph donations

Our Library Archive is fast becoming a repository of Jewish historical artifacts from which we document the museum’s exhibits.  Background information about each item is carefully recorded upon arrival, and it is often through these conversations that the historical significance is revealed.  All objects are housed, stored and displayed in safe, acid-free and temperature-controlled environments under video surveillance, with museum labels acknowledging the generosity of our donors.  Letters of acknowledgement are provided to our donors for tax purposes.

Tens of thousands of visitors view our museum displays annually.  When our donors and their children or grandchildren return to visit, they are gratified and often overwhelmed by how their artifacts are being used to educate the public.  Donors do not need to travel far or make an appointment to see what they contributed, as we are open six days a week and conveniently located.

We are always prepared to accept additional materials.  If you have a question about whether an item would be appropriate to donate, please contact Feiga Weiss at 248.553.2834.